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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday training for Kedah Jamboree


Today,planned nak pi bukit 3M+Infineon+Padang Cina & Bukit rimau.
Invited My jiran & amir & the gang, at last yang tinggal hanya aku ngan usop transformer.
Okle tu.

Meeting point Kedai breakfast kelapa sawit kat sungai ulor.

The track was fun.

Today is the first testing mini track for "Gallopin Thug"

Afer final adjustment to rider's own custom, she is currently using half of the pencil color part. (Installed handle bar & long stem from PC to GT)

Bingo, the adjustment suited my riding.
The fact that the lock on the front fork working perfectly to help on climbing.
The bike felt strong & easy to control. Downhill performance was awesome. big bike, long wheel base = more stable. Yehee,,,

During the journey, little de tour due to too seronok turun bukit sampai terlupe simpang.. carik sini sana tak jupe give up,, naik balik then continue with the original track,,


enough for today.

Tomorrow insyaALLah will join Geng KHT & gerek bukit pi gng pongsu,

Guys, try this track for training & ( MIni Jamboree)build up stamina. Got 3 main hils.. landai tapi panjang. It did squeezed my performance performance to up 1 notch.

Please refer everytrai for detail. you can even download the GPX file into your garmin or any GPS device to follow the route.

Check on the Interactive trail by cicking play button on the widget attached,


Training track T1

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