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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ramadhan . Allah's training camp to All Muslim.

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Thanks to all frens yg telah melawat blog saya & wish selamat berposo.

To all , selamat berposo & selamat mengikuti kursus planned & structured by the almighty.

Sempena kursus yang sedang di hadiri ini, semalam saya telah menjalankan sedikit training fizikaly untuk menguatkan body yang dah 3 minggu tak berpeluh. In perlu sebab camp ini memerlukan preparation yang cukup dari semua segi. SO untuk pizikal, saya jalankan activiti ini.

Saya sekarang berada si rumah kakak saya di Cheras Selangor.

I was told that there is a small hill Called Bukit Putih somewhere near our house.

Yesterday, My niece I went to hike until level 2. The hill is known to have 5 levels or stages.The last stage has a beautiful waterfall.

So, here is the trail. You guys can go. The trail is good for hiking & i am glad that it is very close to my house.


For all , the important is, make use of the this training camp. Do a much training as we can, so that after the Training session, we are fully equipped to live our life with soon to be released x factors.


Bukit Putih ,Cheras , Selangor, Malaysia

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

nothin personal, is just, we are better than u

in kl now. last weekend nampak byk bike on top of cars.
i guess they just finished PCC Nexus prez ride.. damn.. i saw the event from Jane Lim FB.

& There was also some criterium near damansara or something.. & i cant do anything about it..

hand recovery period.. i had to go to Cheras Tesco to get the soft ball which i can squeeze to train my right hand muscle... & it is kind of hard.. phewwwwwwwww.

The ortho doc gave me MC until 28th sept 2009. Puuuuuuhhh.. after raya.

my boss will be mad at me... & there goes my review this year.......

so what to do now.. ?? bikes r at home sleepin...

Hmmm next month then...

if i didnt break my 3rd metacarpal... i could have train & become as fast as this.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Y i missed Kedah Jamboree 2009??


GT mode : Built,tested,tuned,tested,shaken down,crash tested = rider crashed.

Preliminary : GT was born right after UUM XC-R 2009 event.Rider aggressively tested & tuned the bike for own used. Trained & several crash tests tested.

At the end , last no intentional crash test took place.Tuesday afternoon, BUkit 3M downhill was the location culprit. Rode on the bum behind Pak Abu, suddenly front tire landed wrongly & kaboosssshhhhh , gravity showed who is the boss. Busyin looked for " daun kapal terbang " to stop mi bleeding left elbow & else where. then by the time the blood stop bleedin , we tried to continue downhill but failed as i failed to grip on the rear brake lever.. my middle finger danglin... ring ting ting..

Pak abu gave a bit of a touch ... & it was the worst pain i ever encountered..
the nxt morning, xray confirmed i snapped my bone.. aha,....

shoot.. had operaton to fix it. the next thing i know.. 6 weeks to recover....
& weeks & weeks of MCsssss..

Hospitalized straight away & operation the next day.... another 3 weeks.. another operation to remove the wires..
damn.. lukily infineon is Paying.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. now lookin at those pics from Kedah Jamboree, i really missed good deal.. but nevermind... all for a reason. Allah knows better.