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Thursday, 9 July 2009

incoming trip to peNang island.


Whoever wish to join, please let me know.012-2163222

So far i have small group of frens who wish to join. Close frens only. i dont spread this. only via selected emais & sms. & in my blog..

The purpose of course to have fun & build up stamina.

As posted in the main activities page,

here are some brief info...

Total distance travel will be 50++km

average speed target 10km/h hehehe.. dont know..

wanted to do higher.. but never tested my endurance.

So will see.

Mat amin will be there, he will be my benchmark.. i'll mark him. If cannot. i'll mark my progress on my own. har har...

Zura will also be there, & abg ramlan,, so another benchmark available.. Azrul will follow with car as the trip is going to be a combination of Eating feast as well.

Zura has suggested several eating point as our check point.. First hameediyah suddenly tajuddin hussein get in the way.

My favourite will be roti canai wayang..

Ever been to this no movies wayang place,? you eat facing a main road on old building? no reason for facing that diraction, passer by will see u & of course u will look at them like no other..

Hehehehe it will be fun..

Ok guys,,
i got the tour on Google earth video..
i'll attach & you guys can view in google earth.. it is fun & real..

The destination

Penang Taman Negara Entrance, Teluk Bahang.


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