Another stop???

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Exploring weekend


Another tiring weekend.
I called this weekend "The Eploring One"

Saturday 24th April 2010,
2nd attempt to the Kulim High Tech Visible Bukit Botak Mission.
Alhamdulillah. Dapek sampei to the peak that we were dream off.

6 People..
Din Poly, Pak Kot, Usop kalahkan ketua mafia, Man Poly,Adik Din En Ali & aku .
Started at 830 after simple breakfast at Pak long.Then meeting the main group at Kulim gang official meeting stall.

Hehe earlier on, decided to meet at Dinaz at 630. It was just a gimmick to see how the explorer would react. I myself knew it was impossible for us to gather at the wee hour like that.But , few people will definitely will do just that.

It took us 1.5 hours to get up there. This time, we when straight . Alhamdulillah no sesat. A team consist of two group of fitness.( actually body weight). The 2nd level of fitness with body weight of >70kg group was really slow & stopped a lot. Not to mention the name.

Finally, with a little push here & there, we were on top of our dream.

It was so much fun & actually we were surprised how easy it is to be up there. Just the mind game & the visible climbing made it harder for us to continue . hmmm..

we were there anyway. My jiran decided not to come up again as he already decided that he had achieved his personal dream. ( Neighborhood dream of bikin) hahahha
Haha.. wait next few weeks,, i'll invite him for the 3rd trip up to the highest peak there.. hahhahh

overal, everything was good. I had several dramatic fall due to shoe clippin.. hehe.. stopped, took off right shoe, but then lean to the left.. kesimpulannya... "body ready to take the impact " .. twice actually.. so my body got minor scratch due to that. hahah

The climbing part was fun.. nice view, really really test your mind.
Downhill was awesome but the surface could be the problem. laluan air everywhere, 45 degree & stuff.. phew.. lereng bukit some more... lotih den...But alhamdullilah.. nothing happen to us.

Met Org tua tua group ( abang Rosli & PGA gang) during aftermath drink session.
We called a day at 1200.

He he . then Din, His bro & myself.. went to SEDIM for freshen up & pekena NASI Ayam Periuk Besar for mini celebration after completing this small dream of jiran jiran bikers..hahahahahahaah it was fun.

Sunday 25th & Monday 26th April 2010.
Land of opportunity.

i went to this 3 in 1 trip. ( 4x4,Campping & biking) if i liked fishing, it would be 4 in 1 trip.

Jlo & myself as the pilot for 2 pick up trucks.
The team consist of 8 ( in the trucks ) 4 with motobikes.

The infineongites gather at Pak long for breakfast & then picking up participants along the way. Major stop was at Petronas Tmn Mutiara. Heading to Selama to pick up more stuff & main foods.

We were invited to join ORG Kampung trip to this abandoned mini hydro station for fishing & camping. 1 of the org kampung is our colleague in IFKM.

around 1100, we started rollin up to the destination. Then the 4x4 kickin. it was a bit challenging for us with little experience. but Alhamdullilah , no major unwanted event. Steep ascend with "killer laluan air". The jalan balak was not maintained anymore as there are no more balaking process i supposed.

Tumbled here & there, we arrived at the destination. We parked the trucks by the road & had to hike for 5 mins to the river bank. it was fun... i used my bike with full camping load to go downhill. single trail.. but of course.. bery the slow...

a group of motocross riders we there to do their stuff but got stucked with a common barrier.. laluan air yg bosar.. they were struggling to cross the gap... but the team work among them beat up the challenges. then there came the org kampun with only normal EX5. 2 of them. They just waited patiently for this motocross gang to complete their stuff. Not even a small worryin expression was out from both of them.
Once the group done crossing with so much effort, these two then went to cross the gap with ease.. oh My shows, experiences & guts set the level of the game. it was pretty embarrassing for the High tech with full equipments group to see these clowns attacking the barrier without even a drop of sweat. haha.. i had the even recorded on..

The camping area is a abandoned mini hydro project. Roof intact fully & partial destroyed wall. good enough for us to camp inside.10m to the water resources & nice water fall) continues supply of water was established using buluh & plastic pipe. ( sourced from the waterfall).

Then the days was just begun to all of us to do our own activities. There were fisherman,bikers & tourist in the house. we had paid the org kampung RM 25 for the food management. We had 2 cooks & 3 & later more fishermen & registered 5 bikers. But later only 3 active bikers were recorded.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bukit botak 2nd mission...can we do it??


&the very good morning.

Last time, we failed
this time , we will see..
InsyaAllah we will succeed.

Sent message to all the culprit...

sarjan in charge

this time we decided to start early. hheeh again... we will see..
Dinaz is goin to be the breakfast place.. y.. due to early in the morning .. no other shops are open.... no wonder they are headin the market..

So guys... wait for the report...
insyaAllah the team will conquer the hill this time around. haha

enjoy the pic & videos.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

3 stages ride in the jungle... sounds like fun.....


Wanna see the jungle?
wanna ride like the real off road riders?

haha.. i love this kind of adventures....

Heard about the event. from a fren in FB. ( Thanks a lot )
Then call out few hardcores,,, yeay.. got a name...

JOined in already. registered online & pending payment.
hmm RM 350..

Please read here for further detail.. the link at the poster attached also ( right hand side also available...)

limited to the first 300 participants only.

come & join..

Ride the hidden path.

info by miss jewelz

daily bikin is fun

hari ni ajak.... hamka & din...
tapi aku lambat sgt sampei anak din dah kuo.. langsung din tak buleh pi..
so aku ngan hamka je..
kami improvise track yang selalu aku guna last year.. tup tap tup tap.. cover 10km jugak.. okle.. kasi peluh makan kuih pagi tadi punya ...


everytrail link

until today... im not recovered.......what a weekend


Betul.. tak tipu... semalam aku pi kerja... then kena conduct training,,, masa lunch aku dah mengantuk gegile punya... Ya Allah.. macam mana da....
mintak nescafe kat awek sorang ni... so bertahan le sampei abis presentation.. lopeh tu start balik ngantuk sampai aku no choice.. pi check in kat surau.. .. hmmm

apa yang aku buat sampei penat sgt... hahaha

hari sabtu

1. kami berlapan membuat satu tujahan yang agak bervisionary... aku ngan din ( n maybe more yang dah tgk bukt tu) telah lama berkenan duli untuk memanjat bukit botak yg buleh dilihat dari ktc. So today ( 10th april) kami terjah.
2. dpt berkumpul lapan org. Din poly, hj din, pak kot ( all from telipon baru nak pi punya geng) usop transformer, & dua geng intel,, lupo nama depa.
3.biasala.. kata start 730. 900 baru jalan. maklumle.. semua ketentuan Allah..
4. Din yg mengelead,,, tak berapa pasti jalan nya. so langsung sesat. dah tgh climbin bukit tinggi ni.. baru perasan bukit botak tu kat sebelah kiri... so punggah balik.
5, finally jumpa kaki bukit , climb sampei 100 meter aje rasenya.. tarus berehat sampai decide nak balik & sambung nxt time.

balik pengsan sampei pukui 4.

Then went for shopping & wnt to kepala batas...

Ahad ( 11th)

Join kayuhan bendang.
1. the most boring ride i ever joined..
y is flat ride... flat flat flat .... & i hate tarmac & flat... the strategy is .. peddal hard ... that is it.. i hate that.. jalan guna batas bendang.. i love the pasir surface & tanah liat.. hmmm but the view is nice... very nice journey in term of views... love it... but i wont do it again. too flat... almost fall as sleep..

but at the end of the day.. it was a fun ride..i had fun for some reason. meeting frens & get to know more people...

started at 0730 & im done by 1000.
i used my favourite GT with 2.35 tire setup. just to get more friction on the road. for training purposes... what am i training for?? hehehe
so all the way i was using 25th to 27th gear. big 1 up front..... 29th & 28th were too heavy for me with that big fat tires... hehehe. From the every trail info.. my average is 19 km/s .. way too low for a flat ride.. no wonder those people.. were already taking pictures among the others & took my picture also when i arrived. that shows... they were way ahead & had arrived super early. hehehhehe

recovery geng had a problem.. 1 of us had an accident.. a Waja with plate no KBD 9338 hit the guy & smashed his front window. The guy is now in Seberang Jaya Hospital.. i dunno the condition. I went to sent his & his wife bikes to Kepala batas hosp, we end up helpin the wife to do a poliec report.. we were then told to go to kepala batas police station ( traffic) one there. the officer told ud to wait outside after we mentioned our problem.. y.. then we saw that grey waja with smashed windscreen.. & the plate number... hahahahahah the cuplrit is here.... what a day...personally met the driver & had a small discussion with him.. hehe the organizer were there ( a few of them).. hehe they mau taruk itu budak... sebab .. kalu ikut ceritanya.. dia tak berhenti bila marshal tahan & end up langgor rider.... tapi keadaan tidak berapa tegang sgt le masa tu.. alhamdullilah kalu tidak.. pecah sana sini lagi..

teman lari tarus.. malaih nak masuk campur.. the wfe did the police report then we went off.

a bit scary come to think of it. it can happen to any of us rider......... do not trust the crowd.. i mean other parties.. the safety is in your hand first ( of course with a pray to Allah because as a muslim, we know all come from him).. marshal are there or not, when we cross the road.. we make sure all are clear ourselves... y... if something like this happen to us...we put the trust on the marshal. but other road users do not care & still movin.. we then end up kena langgar & Allah knows what is going to be the story....

So , moral of the story... Take safety with your hand ... Pray before the ride for the only one protection. manage our safety.. & trust no one. Help others & enjoy the ride with a good consciousness.

then in the afternoon, we went to visit a family in Penang under "Kulim help to do team"

This was a social visit for "teach to fish " program.
Please refer here for more info on this. Join us if you care.

The link in facebook

Then that night i started to feel weird already.. damn tired..hehe
& this morning... feel like wanna get an mc hehe..

ok guys... see ya.. the next 1 is Ipoh... ooops.... Kayuhan terang malam Kulim.. dulu....

Monday, 5 April 2010

Post RUN 2010


It is really really far away....

Really really post.

After almost a month.....

im too lazy to update & do stuff.


had 2 times bikin session..

the story starts here.

After RUN2010, my jiran yang jahat n I went to Tokun for bikes servicin.
Hmmm usually i dont service my bike, i care less....
but what the heck,

the same day , Pyan wanna sell something. His baby XC fulsus Xtension.
Ha ha cut the story short. i bought it.

what am i goin to do with tonnes of bikes in my house?
like it or not...have to let go 2 of them.. cheap bikes anyone?????

So, i plan to maintain 2 bikes. A hardtail & a fullsus ( for free ride)
Setup the bike with 2.3 tires. wwowowowow.. i can go downhill like i never gone before.. it was fun.

We went to mount Erskine,( Published already), BUkit rimau reverse & it was awesome down the hill. I felt slow... but it went fast.

Yesterday , i went half of the Mini Jam Poly, wow.. the downhill but i suffered climbin. Damn. big tires & heavier machine + fitness gone... almost chocked up the hill... seriously need to stay fit.
Once after jamboree, rest for 2 weeks... restin is ok.. but the eating part kills me...

So,, all the trainin,, ill used my Heavy fullsus..( soon to be equipped with Weirwolf 2.55 tires) ye yaa.. i just got it from ebay. extra 1 pair left.. anyone????? but not cheap my fren... not cheap.

Jamboree.. used my hardtail.. then.. hei. Kiara.... im comin to see you soon..

Guys.. assalammualaikum...