Another stop???

Friday, 30 January 2009

Taiping vs flekke part2

Assalammualaikum & very good evening to all.
After several trial & error. i have managed to insert shoutmix & hit counter onto my blog . He he.
it took 2 days to do simple thing for others but new for me.
job is completed.

The job was completed on the 2nd day of trial.

Good day

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Taiping vs Flekke

struggle to use html,
even to copy & paste code,
that is the outcome of my last 13 years decision.
software enginneering vs engineering.

but good things come & go evrywhere.
flekke is not my 2nd best experience in life.


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Kulim Maiden MTB Jamboree

The first eva Kulim Jamboree will be held on March the 8th 2009. KhtBikerz joined venture with Gerek Bukit MTB team to organize the inaugural event. As part of the testing team with beginner's level , the event is recomended to all MTB lovers. Sure will be remembered for long.
Using Mr Adi GPS system Mastery on Route mapping, the 3D map is created on Google earth.
Please visit this link.

once u enterd da page, please download KML file to view 3D map on google earth.
Will update the site once pics are obtained from various sources.
Come & join us in Kulim.
Sure good fun & challenging.

The 2nd best route is from start to 1st check point.(first ~20km)