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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Recovery Klang valley Trip


SOmething to tell u all. Kami baru balik dari KL.
Pi melepak kat putrajaya rumah anak sedara mat amin kat precint 14 tu.

Here are the key event:

1. Departing from Kulim to KL 1830
1.1 Amik Mat amin kat romah die
2. First stop car refueling ,Juru Shell 1915
3. 2nd stop Human refueling at Ipoh famous Mee kari or any chinese style food.( Cooked by muslim & malay) Last time when i was standard 6 , my father used to bering me here.
The shop called " Kedai Daud Mat Jasak" Now something bin Daud.. Mana ntah gambo aku ambik haritu...
pekena mee curry & sup fishbal... begituuu
4.Arrived Putrajaya by 0200. langsung ganggu tuan romah
5.Next morning starting kayuh di PCP.
5.1 breakfast kat precint diplomatic.HJ Tapah restoran ,tapi mamak...
6. Then meet Azmir & here goes PCP.
6.1 i was still phobia with downhill..mane yang pelik aku turun tolak, tak berani lagi... so kebanyakn nya tolak....
7. habis PCP & it was fun

8. Mini lunch at 1 mamak near the park
9. Lunch kat Cheras Velodrom ayam kampung. Lupe nak amik gambo lagi.
10. CHeck on event at Kiara MTB Carnival. It was junior heat goin on.
11.went to check out bike stores in klang valley, TTDI,Tmn Megah,opposite
12. Melaram at mid valley & dinner at Burger Diraja
13. hanto lapto in cheras & balik pengsan di Putrajaya

Next day
14. Out from putrajaya 0730
15. Breakfast at mamak next to 711 hartamas

16. the ride starts

17. done . off to bike shop in hartamas
18. lunch at the same ayam kampung stall
19. to my sister's house in cheras for cleaning up. dapek kuah durian pulak.
20. To Kiara Carnival for Men elit final & closing

Enjoy the GPS track on both



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Kiara ride

Map your trip with EveryTrail

Here are videos on those .

1, Kiara ride downhill from the peak??

2. Kiara Ride 2k Hantam

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Let the day begins...


new chapter, new pages or anything in similar is the best words to describe my feeling at the moment. It has been 3 months with no workout. yes i didnt even strecth...last 2 week the trailblazing caused me a week to recover. 2 days after the event i did felt so exhausted & fatique to everywhere. it was simple 14k run in the woods but my body was never up too it. It was my mind that bring mi to the finish line.& Of Course Allah's will.Insyaallah.

What can we learn from there.

several factors
1. Age=
my body need regular exercise to maintain my fitness level to the optimum. Not like before, when daily life was a routine cardio training as i used to run around & do things like mad. Metabolism rate is reducing with certain age ratio i guess.

2. Body mass =
Forget about BMI, even a simple stationary running , i can feel loose meat somewhere around my body is moving freely following the pattern of the overall body movement. Event at the facial area.With my height , I'm considered early obese according to the STD BMI reading. heheh my wife is happy now to know & having the best time of her life nyakat me with my weight. Hmm....
So loose weight.i know im not heading for the top podium place for any event i had joined but at least, i need to stay fit & minimize my energy usage to move competitively . So that i can use the saved energy for other things. In fact it is good for health & you will look good too. aha.
Target weight= 70KG
Current Weigth =70KG +15KG & sometime +18KG.

3.I need to develop my muscle & train.Hmm meaning start do more kayuh, run & even swim.The best is to plan even when you are lazy to do proper activity.To create a light recovery training system.

& last thing, enjoy life as a muslim.Being a muslim ,thrive & improve daily activities for the cause.That is most important anyway.all those are crap if this factor is not taken into account.Dont believe me? ,hehe free life , your choice. but i choose this way.InsyaAllah.

Morning workout

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The first event.....


On the way to full recovery...
i had joined Genting trailblazer . My fren Fizi insisted me to be his partner for the day. Hmm..

I had 3 weeks after long recovery holiday to train.
But i decided to give myself only 1 week for that. In the end not even a day i do running. I had around taman bike ride with Jlo, itu pun Jlo mimpi ape tah datagn rumah aku ajak naik sebikal.. dah berbulan bulan aku & Jlo tak naik... penat jugak pusin taman
. Then aku main futsal seminggu sekali selama 2 jam.. aku rasa cukuple tu tak bagi jantung aku meletup nak join event ni.
sekali dpt email from the organizer.i went in just to discover that hei.. ini macam mampuih....
event memang tough.. 14k run in the woods with so many obstacles.. & the last part of tough hurdles are there waiting for u .. shoot.. i was scared N kecut perut just by tengok at the gambar...can i survive or not??
no choice... registered already...

during the event i can feel my stomach was vibrating heavily due to extra weight attached. hahaha

i need regular exercise & training. this coming December, kayuh lasak will be my maiden jamb after the accident. if like this... i might as well withdraw from the event.. hehhe im no quiter. but better be prepared than sorry..

Here goes all the pics.i can't see fellow bikers (MTB) in the event.Bike assists u in someway that you wont feel it is too punishing compare to this.(trailblazing) this one.. 2 have only 2 gears & a big range of speed depending on your capabilities. I used 2L & my speed was going shoppin in Mid valley after the first 6KM. hihihihi

Enjoy some pics & live "in the event" videos

Photo album link

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Video part 3

Video part 4

Video part 5

Video part 6

Video part 7

Video part 8

more to come.. later..