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Sunday, 31 July 2011

july is done officially today


yes yes n yess... My July event are finally over.
Ended with Happy ride with Kulim happy ride team . Un planned event for me but i joined just to mix with the local team which is currently growing big as we speak.

the last July event for me was PCC presidential ride at Broga.

What can i say. It was huge.. I mean... The distance .. Off road distance .. Almost 65km trail. combination of 4 stages n damn man...

I was trainjing to stay fit for this event. yes alhamdullilah i survived. managed to complete all stages in 5H45m. Roughly. it was good n nothing serious unwanted issue except that i had lost my rear brake just after Stage 1.

Entering stage 2 , the need to brake on " lonkang " crossing blew me... Where is my brake? It was soft. N soft n hei.... Where was it? Hmmm the safety pin, the pad n the spring unit or something had gone somehow... I can see only the piston n the brake house... Shoot. 3 more stages to go n heavy Dh section will come...n i decided to continue with the event with the thought that... This time.. Ill have the slowest DH section around...

Yes n yes..DH was no longer fun for me... Had to brake before it started to decent to be able to control my soeed n taking care of the bike n myself from fallin.....

Afraid of the front brake failure was also in the air.. So, slower speed will do the job qhopefully. Yes.. Alhamdullilah i had survived.. Event the gruesome last Decent.heheh n yhr front brake had become soft also after the event... Almost running out the pads.. But.. Alhamdullilah once again.. The left front help me to survive.

it was good nursing mode experience. I had to tune my mind that.. U must go on but have really to care during DH. Meaning really really slow speed. N had managed to tackle the short steep technical decent with the thought that. I cant immediately stop with the front. N yes.. The need to be brave n just slowly go down the steep slope materialised. Heheh i wasnt dare to take still learning the be brave...usually ill chicken out n brake on n walk it.. Due to this issue, cannot brake to stationary... So.. Brave the decent......n extra control n decending manoevre...( deep sitting at the back ) all the time..almost sitting on the rear tire most of the time...

Come to thing of it... It was dangerous to continue but i had determined to finish the stages safely ,tackle the problem at each approach n decide on the DH sections difficulties.

I walked on a couple of steep with roots sections.. N the 1 in cp 3 before the sticker.. Somewhere in the wood.. Hahah

Overall.. It was fun.. The event was great n the trail was superb.. Ill come back anytime here.

The event also is the meetin point of frend.... So i got to meet my mainly southern one..

Haha.. So, the bikin things for me will stop for a month insyaAllah. N in ramadhan months.. I decided not to bike .. Fasting n fill the night with the required one the best i can... My target is to read n complete the whole Quran By this month.. InsyaAllah..

ya allah, please help me..

To all muslim friends... Happy ramadhan n let us upgrade our ibadah to a new level daily,weekly, yearly... Stop the bikin for a month n yes.. It wont do u any bad for that,, hehe but of course,,, YOU DeCIDE.....

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Machine PM


Hmm. Yesterday i went to Bukit 3m in kulim for a short burn out session prior to the 60 km PCC Presidential ride. Hmm many unwanted were discovered. post thompson trail use.

I broke my FD
My front handle was loose.( became super loose during decent)

Then i had to send for service to Pian.

Hmm duit lagi. Then after broga, sure kena hanto service juge...

Why pian aka RS Tokkun.

So far,

His the one yg dok repair my bike, setting up, awkward setting the way i like it,
Modify when other mechanics might end of ideas.

List of my awkward setting done by Pian.

Too many for my bike.
I have about 4 mtbs . Used items which i bought n upgraded from time to time. From local source to international & 90% are used items. Usually i just give the idea n swapping parts the way i thought it will be good for some reason n Pian is the place to do the job.
Take off itemx from bike A to be put at bike B n so on. Modify parts by grinding, drilling n everything.. You name it. Kalu kedai Kereta, like pimpin the ride here.i would like to test the parts n ride. after testing it, will ask pian to change the unit to another. Heheh of course, kena bayo le..

Pian will fix the bike the way the rider fix their bike during the event. ( on going event) haha.. N this one time, he fixed the v brake issue with simple touch after other mechanic was stucked with it about 2 hours.

What else wshould i say... Im not into raring cause.. Too lazy ... But i guess.. I know where to go n yes can compare the quality in the services...

Most of the northern bikers might know his shop n benefited accordingly but some might had different view. Hei.. Tepuk tangan tanya tangan. Le.. Kedai mana yg kamu suke hanto utk repair bike?.. For me... The shop is one shop ill go n visit along with others.

So go n visit..

Location: Cheruk Tokkun, next to the mosque.

Or call him...


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

1 more to go for July Event

Assalammualaikum & alhamdullilah.

 Done 2 & 1 more to go & everything was ok.

Setup the heaviest bike i can put on with big fat DH tires at front ( 2.55 WTB weirwolf LT) & 2.35 Continental gravity with triangle knob.  Damn.
It was so heavy & sloppy on the tar. but once entering offroad ( sand & small gravel ) it was not bad. Just that im not too strong to go faster . hehe It was a good training  i hope..

Kayuh Bendang 2011 was fun. The event was organized systematically & in the beginning i cant imagine that it could be that fun. ( I hate straight flat trail because i cant push. i have no mental strength for that. if there is hill... ill enjoy. but, this time around i had registered again just to push myself on the flat. wanna see how im  coping after a year. This year, they offered 1 section of hill which was just great & something to look forward too in the event.

Completed the trail at 1028 & damn... so  so so tired & hungry.  Didnt bring along any food & only ate a banana at CP2. i thought it will be a lazy sunday ride. but .. hmm when you are in big group & everybody was pushing... you tend to do the same i guess. at least up to your limit. & yes, i did push up to my limit..with no energy supplement... i end up drinking almost 20 cups of free vico drink after the ride. haha..

Enough there..

Another endurance event will take place. final event in july & yeah.. can be said before Fasting month...

PCC presidential ride. 60km of road.. & hell people talk about how hard the trail is & so ... hmm.... so.. i guess.. need more training to survive.

Ok guys.. anybody goin to Semenyih??? see ya there on the 24th. insyaAllah..

May Allah be with you..

My Kayuh Bendang story... 
( Forgot to turn on at the start & only turn on after 10-15 minutes)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

1 done.... 2 more to go. for July events....


Thompson trail mit Geng pedalling dude...& KL bound group..

hmm...  it was fun...

You name it.. u got it..

good fellow riders & great epic ride trail..

wanna come again?? yeah...  insyaAllah..

Enjoy every second of it..

My first time was last year with Extension fullsus bike.. it was  a mistake... enjoyed the long DH section but suffered the rest of the loop on climbing..

This time.. i brought the beast.. XC fullsus... hmm...  great on climbin & hell superb on DH section...

only i need more training to go faster at the last climbin section...

changed front tire from 2.0 to 2.1 blue groove : for high roller with wider tire for "confident" front traction during DH. ( own spec & do not compare... can comment of course)

Maintain 2.0  for rear..for climbing efficiency... hehe but this high roller XR1 bontrager sufferd the slippery section ( mini tar berlumut)at bukit meluat... .. meluar sungguh.. kena dua tiga kali unwanted spinning.. terus draining my energy & the rest...

Managed to climb to Boh Shop from the last pitstop.... but was already knackered.  tried on middle ring but cannot last longer & had to switch to granny.

He he.. need the 32x36T combination soon... to go faster  for me. hehe..
saw those with 10 sp enjoyed the luxurious of having that ratio... damn...

Hahah.. overall

The organizer held this event beautifully .. & The event theme " Santai ride " was INDICATED CLEARLY..

Fun team to be with.. as ever.. again this.. time.. no doubt...

( check on their Blogspot for further stories)

Overall.. this is what riding in Malaysia is all about.. the beauty of it...


To riders out there in the world,

u may ride for a place, competing level, gain better health & so...

in here.. we are proud to bring close friendship as the reward. ( of course , everywhere else does the same i hope)

Ha ha .. enjoy..

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