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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

tough get goin, money is flowiiinnngggg


what can i say, new babay was born yesterday
not with life one yet, but with passion

Amin Merida aka "basikal raket" my own classified of his ride,wanna upgrade his second bike with some high ends products.As a result, scavengers like me get the worm in the morning.Even though the worms are not fresh but still in good shape & in high performance.

He sell to me his rims together with hubs & rotors ( Xero),B7 mechanical Disc Brake & XCR front absorber & few other stuff. Hmm i then top up a bit to complete the other bike from whatever RScycle Tokun can provide to me.The outcome, two pretty babeh ( from the eye of the beholder).

My Pencil color,(Bianchi) are equipped with Amin rims & disc brakes. The new GT outpost ( 2nd hand body from Zam KHT) are equipped with Amin Absorber & other new stuff from RScycle. 18.5 size with downhill setup absorber,the leashed GT looks hungry for it's maiden ride.She will be introduced in Kedah Jamboree for her first event of a kind insyaAllah. Now, i shall call her "gallopin thug"

Thug =

Yeay.. that is all i can afford & very happy with the new born.

ENjoy mi...i mean i enjoy... you guys can also ... heheh


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