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Monday, 27 April 2009

Sg lembu trailing

It was fun to finally bike again with old biking buddies. This was the trip where we all met post the most hectic Jamboree.

The trip was great. Into perkuburan Chinese then the great single trail until Mengkuang Dam. I love this single track stuff. It really test the skill out of you. The view , fresh air & very calm lake... nothing pays the same price.

Then we went to try climb the Langkap but we just cannot make it due to some problem.
Lunch at the stall near Keladi stadium.

Then we all headed to our obvious destination & called it a day.

All were great.

Thank Allah.

After a while


Sorry for being quiet. It has been a while.
Let us talk.

Today is my first time biking after 3 weeks off.
It was fun , short,sweet & fun.
We met new fella & they joined us to Ulu Paip off road.
Nice fella

Then we met Geng Gerek Bukit.
A sad tragedy happen nearby. A mom & her son died on the spot due to an accident.
Al fatihah to them.

It was sad & scary come to think about it. Abang Kamil happen to be there with Bro Brahim & took few picas. Not dare to look. Life does not belong to you. Allah can take away from you anytime ,anywhere & anyhow.

I did upload our trail to everytrail. This is the link. Please refer if interested. The track is just short & nice to warm up.

Met a MTB group at Ulu Paip. I guess Team Hawk.

Then we had a few drinks with Gerek Bukit 's team. Stories to catch up.

Before heading home, Amin & I had another drink. ( Cheapest air soya)

We call it a day around 1230. Too early for our standard. But we had to resist an offer to ride into Gunung Pongsu by Mr Brahim. Too tired already.

I was not the 2nd guy who reached the stopping point before the final climp to the top of the hill.

Enjoy folks

Everytrail link