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Thursday, 17 November 2011

2011 Penang Bridge Marathon Readiness_Mysep le

Kulim Mini Stadium. My Training location. har har har.. Proud to live in Kulim.

 Today is thursday th 17th Nov 2011, another few more days.

1. Running Shoes??: Bought last Saturday.
2. Running clothing: BOught 3/4 tight & will use Infineon Sponsored running singlet ewwwww
3. Hotel/motel: Booked Homestay Segara Ninda Penang Road. RM80/night for saturday & Sunday. Saje nak lepak lelama kat penang walaupun romah kat kolim.. N sebelum lari boleh balun sup ekor kat sup hameed. Sebelah homestay je. hehe
4. Mileage:""" hmm... the shoes & myself : about 2.5km. completed 5 laps of olympic size track field distance on Monday & 2.5 laps on tuesday & nothing yesterday. heheh. damn. Today targetted 25 laps in 1 & half hour.
 1 lap=400m
10 laps= 400m
100 laps= 40000m
103 laps = roughly 41,900m = Total Required distance.. huwaaa

 my time so far
1 lap = 2.5 min
5 laps = 15 min
then linear ..
10 laps =30 min + unknown reduced speed
100 laps =300 min + unknown reduced speed & other muscle fatigue factor.. tak kira berhenti minta nyawa lagi..kencing, ngorat & so on.. hmm.
103 laps = 307.5 min + unknown reduced speed & other muscle fatigue factor.. tak kira berhenti minta nyawa lagi..kencing, ngorat & so on.. hmm. & solat subuh..

307.5 min = 5.125 hours + + unknown reduced speed & other muscle fatigue factor.. tak kira berhenti minta nyawa lagi..kencing, ngorat & so on.. hmm. & solat subuh..

= roughly 7 hours. ???? below or after??? or DNF.... hmmm...

Mental says yes, body says let us wait & see.. & the heart says let us enjoy the day & stop whenever we "cant go no more & not enjoying & dont be shy to take the bus... ride on"

Done The Penang bridge in 2002 & didnt complete under 6 hours time curfew.. cilok lagi heheh meaning DNF ( properly) haha

Any bikers going there?? see ya.. ill be wearing MKH cycling cap to classified myself as MTB riders than  runner.. excuse kalu tak habis.. prepare awai awai. heheh " err.. actually , running is not my cup of tea, saje je join nak habiskan masa" ( prepared line kalu kalu ada yg tanya awat tak complete)

This time.. cyndy lauper is wrong... Guy also wanna have fun. InsyaAllah..

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Post Letua XXX ride.


 What to say?? need to recover & the mind said.. im still capable but the body said... ha ha ha. a joke.
look at my performance.... the first 20km was ok.. then it started to deteriorating. I lost my steam... no more power to continue.. hmmm....& just pedaled leisurely all the way to the finish. Damn.. What when wrong??

When i injured myself in October, I had stopped pedaling n just slowly climb up on the bike by doing easy pacing.. i guess.. i lost it all & have to rebuilding.. ( hehe it was not the good anyway in the beginning.. saje nak buat cerita)

The performance drop like hell.
 in July 2011 i had joined Kayuh Bendang about 70-80km similar ride & ended by 1030 .( about 3 hours ride)
Now, last sunday, 72km ride ended at 1200 . ( 5 hours) & using my secret weapon. hehehe.. Last July i was using my training DH setup bike... damn...
& this time around.. losing it hehe,,, Luckily i still have the mind to complete the ride...( pancit bang)

Won myself a set of COntinental Speed king 2.3 tires.. just when i arrived. hehhe Alhamdullilah.Anyone interested?

Anyway.. it was fun & good to know that i have to do a lot for Kayuh Lasak in order to survive the promised toughness.. hmm insyaAllah.

I ate 2 units of Served Roti John at CP2 & tapau 1 bungkus,,, hehe hancur...

Anyway ... time to pick up some story again.. hehe RECOVERY MODE


 SOmewhere 10-20KM.. byk steam lagi heheh ( straight mind pls)
 starting point...

Friday, 11 November 2011

Pre 2011 Kayuh lasak...Registered


Registered.. meaning alhamdullilah will  join the event for the 3rd time insyaAllah...

Thanks to Bike pusher gang  for this..  easing my way in for the registration.

So lads..... whoever joining?? see ya there insyaAllah.... hmmm need to start training to get back my fitness.. need to survive the trail...

Any tips????????

My training will be ...... hehe secret le konon... hampeh.. yg mana sempat teman pi je la...

On my list
1. Gunung Jerai
2. Penang Hill
3. Tokkun
4. Kulim various hills...

& 42 km Penang brdige marathon.. which only left 1 week for me to train...

so let us start... buying running shoes.. hehehe

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Never the best November event.


Ape event saya this month?????
more than 30 days inactive on biking...

Then on the 2nd of Aidil Adha, Had joined Wargakilang for Qurban program. ( Charity event) & ALhamdullilah it was good to join this lad & invested a bit. InsyaAllah..

Planned to go to Cameron Highland this weekend with Gombak Group , but had to skip.
So , enrolled Letua XXX..
whose coming???? see ya there... my maiden even after Recovery mode..

This time.. ill ride on my  Trek...

See ya..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Banjaran Bintang,Ulu Mahang Camping Trip (30th-31st Oct 2011(


Another trip with largest participants.

Hmm again relaxing, good kampung food & so on.

14 of us all Infineon colleague had gathered & experience the life of orang kampung here in the beautiful scenic campsite. ( Un touched)

Travelling ingredient:
14 normal men/boys
4 well experienced & hardcore orang kampung.( village people)
2 2.5D pick up trucks
4 modified cup cross

Engaged activities:
0730-0815 Gathered at Infineon Parking. ( most participants had work night shift & slowly freshen up & turned up late at the gathering point)
0820-0830 Gathered at Petronas Tmn Mutiara
0830-0845 Breakfast at Restoran in front of Pusat Serenti Karangan,

0930-0945 Gathered at Sg bayor to regrouping with orag kampung & loading ration

0945-1050 The of road uphill journey began. ( tiny hick up here & there. Alhamdullilah managed to overcome the challenges * it was fun for most of us which had never experience of road before even though it was like no grade hehe but oklah utk kitaorang)
1050-1130 unloading to the campsite. established a camp & getting ready to enjoy the place
1200-1300 lunch ( Ikan tengas goreng:early fresh catch, Ayam masak merah, ikan masak merah, Kulat kayu masak lemak.. Ya Allah, this is rare..& ulam ulaman hutan yg rare also

Crazy lunch

1300-1400 Enjoying the waterfall. Some went fishing & some just fighting the coldness of the water

1400-1700 resting ,sleeping, following org kampung menjala ing & so on.
1700-1900  ANother mandi session & a fine dinner. including eraly starter : Ubi kayu rebus with kelapa & kopi o panasa.wowo.
( ikan tengas masak lemak, Kambing gulai batang pisang ( star of the day) & few more good things.
2000-2200 lepaking. relaxing: geng geng main card , jamming session, bulshitting session & so on.
2200-2300 Barbeque ayam & kambing ..ya Allah.. makan lagi &  sebab sedap.. terpaksa makan juge even dah kenyang... hmm how Malaysia is a lucky country & we should be thankful to Allah.

2300-0600 SLeeping & total relaxation our own way,hehe depa ni main terup sampei pagi & sental semua food yang dimasak malam tadi.. kambing batag pisang, ayam & daging barbeque were gone in the morning. dasat dasat

0600-0800 Breakfast with nasi goreng ,mihun goreng & roti canai segera hehehe gilos...

0800-1100 mandying activity & fishing & so on. We hiked to the nearest very high water falls & eanjoyng the view over there. un touched area. totally wild. Ya Allah

1100-1200 getting ready to go home. 1200-1300 lunch with another superb sstuff. Daging masak singgang. Ya Allah.

1300-1400 Journey downhill. & alhamdullilah it went smooth . Good feeling for the newbies.

1400-1430 unloading & final small gathering at Li's small coffee shop & we headed our ownway..

Picture from the participants: