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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Penang trip cover

Initital plan.
Date : 12th July 2009
Period : 0730-1230
Gathering Point : Maybank Taman Selat
Destination :
CP1: 3.5km
Roti canai Wayang . ( Near Ismalia roti bengali shop)
-Roti canai & drinks available upon order

CP2 : 6.8km
Gurney Plaza
- Own drinks & chances to cuci mata

CP3 : 18.1km
Batu Feringghi
-Drinks & foods available upon own buying

CP4: 23.9km
Tamn Negara Entrance
-Drinks & foods upon own buying again

CP5 :47.1km
Tajuddin Hussein
-Foods & drinks can be bought there.( ayam rose & stuff)

Finishing line :50.1km
Maybank Taman selat

List of participants

Change of plan due to rain & requested by last minute participants....

Car to masjid negeri

to Transfer road "cinema stall" for breakfast

To ferringhi/TelukBahang

To teluk Bahang

To balik Pulau

To Air itam/Bukit bendera & Masjid Negeri

Total distance is around 66km..
My Iphone covers only until Petronas then sonething happen & no record..
i lost great data there..
it is ok.. will do again the route...

Final participants were 7.
initial 3
joined in Ferringhi with road bike 2
joined at petronas balik pulau 2 . Rida together gether aje..
tapi dapatle nengok how champion train..
ngeri sial...


then lunch at Hameediayh & to new bike shop in off jln burmah KSH Cycle.. shop..

enjoy the half recorded trip & other info

Penang round island

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