Another stop???

Monday, 27 February 2012

Update for today..

Last event after Cameron Highland..

too lazy to update 2nd  part of Cameron & hardcore meleleh as my secrect weapon was injured & still in the hospital until today... what taking Trek too long to send parts... damn.

I did joined Peace Ride 12 hours Endurance organized by Radak Anventure .
It took place in beautiful scenery area near Gua Tempurung. I love riding there & amazed to find some many nice natural beauty area surrounding.

Registered alone & had stayed with Danish lad for last minute arrangement, Cool company.

Managed to complete 5 rounds of 35km per lap. so total 175KM biking for 12 hours duration.
The cahampion completed 9 rounds = 35x9= 325km. stupid..

Heheh i just managed half of their distance.

Placed myself rank 32 & my plate number is 32.. haha.. lucky..

& for this event.. i bought myself a 29er TREK cobia. ( all my bikes are still sick until today for what ever reason & i had to decide to get a bike for this event & so 29er it is)

Upgrade OEM crank with my XTR power plant & reduced some fat at the RIM & so..

So that was it.. Heavy 29er but with some potential. & the biggest potential is to get fit & strong mybody side heheh

2 minutes after starting. my left arm crank unscrewed. hoh... & damn i was dead last after managed to retighten . Screwed up hehe .. but hei.. Endurance 12 hours.. anything can happen.. so slowly try to catch up the last person & managed at the first hill..

Stopped after 3 laps & had lunch. another round of lap to complete my target & stop again for prayer. ( just as SUnset ride started)

So final lap was a cruisin & torturing my body as i have 3.5 hours to go. SO dragged this DACT rider to go along slowly..
By 1830 we had completed our last lap & the champion finished just moment after that with 9 laps.. stupid...

So, it was fun, 12 hours.
The track was excellent.. looks nothing for a moment but when you had to circle it as many as you can.. it become tough.. never imagined it could be this tough.. many factor contributed.. hahah u know those..

I just tracked my third lap & here it was. slow pace lap.

My first endurance & i gues Malaysia first 12 hours endurance for MTB... i dont know.. looking forward to Ultra MArathon event... but need to be ft for those.