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Friday, 31 December 2010

Kulim 2009 MTB Exploration Original track revisited


 We kulimites.... plan to revisit the original track of 2009 MTB event.

Maybe we plan to complete until CP 3. * about 35km

It is the tough one which include the first hill which was omitted during the actual Jamboree.

COme & join us.

date:2nd Jan 2011
Meeting point. kedai minum Kelapa sawit at Sg ular. ( near 7 eleven & simpang empang traffic light)
Meeting time : 0745-800
Starting time: InsyaAllah 0815
Food & drinks: on your own.

Mode: Beginner will need strong mind
intermediate: it is time to test your ability
Expert: What????

So majulah sukan utk negara ...

COme & join....

Call sumi for confirmation or.. just be at the meeting point by 0745.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

2011 Banjaran Bintang , Ulu Mahang, campin & biking trip.


 Group group kami kaki masuk hutan nak buat  trip masuk hutan , camping & boleh fishing & biking juge.

YOu either boleh guna 4x4 naik ke tempat camping or kayuh beskat sendiri about 5-10 km . Of course barang barang diangkut oleh pick up sapa yang ada. tumpang le..

Already setup FB event .. so please go to this link utk lebih lanjut..

link ke FB event,,,

info berkenaan trip....

4X4 ,biking,camping,picnicking,mountain biking,fishing,mandiying & lepakking

This is an overall trip . for fisherman & mountain bikers.

1.YOu can bike to the camping location. ( park the car at the nearby kampung) only bike 12km.
2. You can bring your bike on the 4x4  to the camping area.
3. you can just go as a camper
4. you can go and fulfill your fishing hobby
5. you can just join & relax by the clean river & enjoy Ikan tengas...

What you need is Rm 40. Orang kampung from Ulu Mahang will do everything for you.

2 days 1 night food will be covered.
Saturday lunch, afternoon snack, barbeque dinner, & snack for supper
Sunday breakfast & lunch.

special item. Fresh ikan tengas will be catch by org kampung juge.
You just have to bring:
1. your own tent & sleeping bag.
2. Bike if you think of biking.
3. Fishing rod or fishing net if you are a fish person ...
4. or a book.. boriiingg.

Call sumi 0122163222.

Saturday 0700 gather in Kulim.
saturday 0800 depart to Ulu mahang
Saturday 1100 arrive at camping area  by 4x4
Saturday 1200-1300 arrive at camping area if you bike ( approx)
saturday 1300 Lunch
Saturday >1400 free activity: mandi, fishing , tido or anything
Suggestion to bike 30-50 km lead bi orng kampung bikers... mr li
for bikers group.
for fisherman group.. just do your fishing nearby river.
Saturday 1900 Barbeque dinner
Saturday 2000 fishing time with org kampung or menjala time. up to 0200
Sunday 0700 breakfast
sunday >0800 Free activities. fishing,mandiying or biking another 30 km
Sunday 1300 lunch
sunday 1400-1500 out of the jungle

please refer attached picture for reference,

It is worth it. insyaALlah..

come & get it......

some of the pics...


Saturday, 18 December 2010

Looking forward to 2011 Kayuh Lasak.......

Assalammualaikum & very good mornin to all.

2010 KL..
A week late report.nobody ask for it har har har...
Didnt register under Recovery Malaysia as... was using a fast portal through ALor star Street bike channel. Thanks to Man & the Alor setar's Stars.....

My sayin of kayuh lasak....
1. double last year's punishing....
2. double last year's thrills...
3. double the like from me....

Totally abused my bike during descending... especially the mud slide area.....
But the scare of fallin came from time to time.. had made me applied the metal rubbing... hmmm Ti in my hand....worked well & the mark is a good mark... some  point.. i even stopped due to scare...
nonetheless  .. nothing can ignore the adrenaline rush fun,,,,

Still bad in the straight flat road... i only can go max 25km/h...
climbin... yeah,,, ok,,, but long way to improve..... but this year,,, i did 90% biked on the Sg Pinang .
climb... yeahooo...but pushin riders were faster than me.. hahahahaha..
last year... 100% pushing...

started 0745 & my finishin clocked at 1410..

Had my first puncture in an event... Cempedak single trail ascend... no space to stop.. so .. had to push some distance b4 i found a place to fix the rear wheel.... then.. the puncture on me began....

love the technical descend...single trail... long single trail.. muddy single trail..i had made last minute call to mix the tire thread... it was worth it....& climbin was the best i can by moving upward siputly & managin my air intake..but with more people on a small tar climbing... Before CP2.. made it difficult to move siputly but to stop and pushed.

Overall........ i liked the event & enjoyed every single part of it.. har har har..what to say... for people who had missed the chance to join.. try harder next year,,,

Enjoy the pics & the live videos..  had put on,,,,

certainly will repeat the track with frens...anytime.. just have to find the right riders...
(The hardcore one) = no complain.... no give up & cravin for more challenges ... eventhough you are not ready for it...har har har...

The trail from my Iphone ( everytrail)

 Videos part...

Starting with Negara KU

flag off...

B4 CP2 & donwhill after CP2

trailing & technical downhill before cp4..

roller coster to Cp5  at terrapin or iron x.. dunnole...

CP5 to cp6 terrapin.. mud slide.. part 1

cp5 to cp6 terrapin mud slide part 2

final DH after ayer itam dam... damn,,,