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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

UUM XC-R stories


i have my own story to tell.

but i choose to let pictures do the talking..
can ah? hehe

UUM XC-R 2009

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that is the track. & my performance on the right.

Completed the track at 1109.
Thanks to Allah again, nothing happen to me except of being tired & exhausted.
No leg cramp, & Kurma bar ( buah kurma la)had served me good to supply fuel to burn.

Here it goes
" I like the track, but not the organizers"
i like the hills but not the path with all the shoe prints
i like the day but the event sucks
i certainly didnt like the foods & nobody does
how rm50 can come out with that
rice ,chicken & egg & only that,
heheh organizer sure enjoy duit lebat.

Hahaha,, my thought & my thought only.
Overall the event is a bit of a mess.

firstly they lied about the track, very bad info about the event, actually almost no info,
finishing line is a dead thing.

What save the day was the sound of the DJ & that live band. apart from it. nothin & nothin at all.

way to improve next time.

enough that,

story of my journey is kind of fun.

we begin with Saturday afternoon


duduk kat T hotel..
very nice hotel.almost everyone there were bikers who joined the event.

recommended for all to stay they..

Nice room with wifi & stuff.

worth the RM70 for double bed.

stayed with Rizman from GKS team. ( Geng kayuh sedap)

a few pictures with T hotel cat...

& dinner at Roti bakar kopitiam...

then pi amik goodies,
met abang kamil,zam & few frens..
Calbaru p geng jahat kacau pukui 12 lebih hehehehe..

then event took place..

habis, kena lari balik penang pi amik bini pi Ipoh ngan pok looh.
member kawin..
anto bini naik bas balik kl
tarus balik penang,...

sampei romah pukui 1045 malam gitu.. tarus pengsan...

itule die..

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