Another stop???

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

i did a lot of sitting while in "SIT"


SIT boo boo sit.. good boy

let me tell my SIT stories.

Traveled in the double decker bus with Kulim surrounding area bikers.

It was the best decision i have made.

y?.. later you will know.

Arrived at the vicinity of Sri Iskandar by 2300. got my goodies & meet people..

Departed from Kulim Perdana around 1845.

Packed up bikes on the bus.

hahah malas... to be continued...



this trip was the most fruitful one.

i had many things..

at wee hour prior to the race, we had a late supper at 1 of the SIT Tomyam restaurant. (recognized as Patani one.)

i had Megi goreng & it was the one.

i was sakit perut on the way back & it started that hour until today..


i fell at the first downhill ,a little twisted the right knee.

had many stops. 1 urgent stop after the first checkpoint.
Struggling on all the hills.. heheh

i hate long flat gravel terrain...
i cant do anything..
im not that strong to push for speed on the flat

i know nothin can help me on flat surface.. & im too lazy to push.


done the track by 1330.

had lunch, waited for a while & got back to rest.( many things heheh)

Then, my knee started to show the true condition...

I Had a good sleep in the bus. not being able to move around as it was painful.

Had late lunch at 1 of the mamak restraurant at SIT.

Arrived in Kulim by 2300.

The track was awesome n i had a fruitful one.
i had several small events all cramped in a day ... in a session but Alhamdullilah.. everything is ok.

Recommended to all.

The Jamboree level in Malaysia is raising by time. It is requiring a different set of fitness level from all the participants. No choice. all riders must train & prepared well for every occasion. From my experience, since Nibong Tebal 2009, not one jamboree i had joined give me a smile of ease at the end of the session .

it either means that my fitness level is still low or "Malaysian Jamboree series has upgraded tremendously by time. & of course, riders expectation & hunger of more extreme challenges is rising to a higher level every time.

More bloggers surfacing out, more rides are planned, average 1000 participants for jamborees,,, event if twice in a months, more bikes are sold, more cases of biking accident cases, more frens are linked & many things .

The Mountain bike phenomenon in Malaysia

MTB fever hit malaysia at the peak now.

will see .

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

tuesday ride with the click_for cina raya holidays


Ride again with the group of 3.
AMin,Rizman & myself.

where?: BM jamboree parts....

Gathered at Din Bawal Goreng at 730 but i came in late.Sorry guys.
Departed around 845 to Sg Lembu "play park"
Steep cement climbing until the top.
Then, rough single trail downhill.
Entering BM parts from Kulim , keladi,machang bubuk,penanti junction & wow... nice technical downhill.

Ride on the edge of MEngkuang damn & then went ahead to bukit langkap.
Following the BM parts rolling downhill & out of the field at KEladi.
Excellent day.

I had a problem due to "eat too much the day before"
Nafas rasa tak cukup.. tula... makan dagin byk sangat... hahahahaha

BUt it was fun. Alhamdullilah no unwanted event took place.
Stopped at a small stall for pisang goreng,karipap,ayaq tebu & soya cincau.. wowowow
the best thing of course. no more second best.

Enjoy the view & trail.

The track info from everytrail

The pices

Monday, 15 February 2010

2010 Callbaru Kulim Poly Mini Jamboree Test Track

Requested by Din burger AKA MIni jamboree supremo
Here it is...

here is the u tube link.( Change of procedure to optimize time)

Din in action.( nanti aku tunjuk kat bini ko heheh)

Before that... sorry... Assalammualaikum .

on the valentine's day, we were pampering our lust on the love to the nature & biking.
2010 Poly Kulim mini jamboree test track took place. My jiran Din callbaru p aka burger aka mini jamb supremo,invited me to join them for the test track & final marking.

almost 20 of us gathered & try the track. Most of us are beginners to intermediate.
It was fun & will be valuabled for those who are going to take part in the event.

"Short & mini technical power ride"

All must experience to be able to tell.
i'll share pic & videos ... you all decide.
But of course, kelapa sawit conquering the track condition percentage.

You will have a lot of fun. Most of the fun elements for riders of various stages are there. Ala ala kadar, enough to give all the taste of it.

-human made "rock garden" climbing n downhill,
-"desert riding" (bukit botak)
- "Magic Carpet" like power short downhill with canopy condition & fast swithbacks elements.
- Long 1.9km technical downhill for kaki layan. but be careful, many cases of jatuh & event patah tangan here hehehe. i wonder who is the guy...???
- Ramp for kaki lompat... (indication will be in placed prior to the ramp)
- long climbing
- rideable river crossing for those who dare..

Great weekd half jamboree distance training track.

Many more.

Video on

"rock garden " climbin..

"Magic carpet canopy power riding" Sumi in action
"magic Carpet"

Climbing 3m.

starting until first downhill n geng jatuh..

Starting from poly to kedai minum

bukit botak until cp 1

downhill to the ramp for the jump

everytrail tracking ( complete with the location geotag.)

The track

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Infineon team to the making under "Recovery"


I broke my hand last July.2009
I missed Kedah Jamboree,Melacca Owl ride & several more.

Then my 1st jam was Kayuh Lasak.
Jane Lim updated to me that i need to register early to avoid disappointment. & i need to register in group even though i was the only one. So, i had to choose a name for my bogus group. Since on that time i was still recovering.. i named my group Recovery.

That is how the name surface out. Soon after that it became Recovery Malaysia.
Then all my frens who would like to join me by registering the name . The bogus group for free riders
Once i am fully recovered.... the team will be called "Recovered".It is fun to have Non real team as most of us hardly ride together anyway... so much of team spirit..

But ,,, RUN... we had compiled almost 15 names under "Recovery Malaysia " 'belts.
Are we a group ready to conquer & rock the house?
aha .... if we get serious... yes.. so far.. FUN is the only key & motivation. Even though non of us had any fun in recent Jamboree.

It is history in the making when most of the riders registered under " Recovery Malaysia" are riders without any license. ( Our license is to complete a jamboree)
It was even hard to convince these people to join any jamboree. RUN is the first.

So we will see what will happen in RUN. Preparation is very much on goin between the registered riders.

So good luck.