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Thursday, 23 July 2009

galllopin thug runnin in


the day initial plan was shifted to a simple route instead of rough 15km.
Last minute pull out of co riders, the test was forced to be short as rider lost motivation to ride on his own.

the track around the settling area was chosen.

with downhill swetup, the chassis feel a bit weird due to high setup of fork & the 18.5 size.

straight line sprint was not comfortable as rider felt movement of the power plant ( legs) are limited & constraint.Need wider handle bar to balance out the high center of gravity on the front wheel setup.It feels hard to turn with current handle bar.

Climbing looks to be a bit tough due to the big body & higher centre of gravity.
Downhill looks great & easy to maneuver & the new xt v brake give more confident to rider on stopping force .

FURTHER TESTs & small adjustments are required to setup the bike for the rider on this coming jamboree in kedah.

Of course ,the full own track test program will then verify either the new challenger fit to enter the game.

It's predecesor pencil color is put to rest to give way to the new GT it's valuable mileage.

From the test then, the decision will be made.

HEre is the performance of the immature test today.

No defined track. Only mile collection & chassis shakedown.

Testing gt

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