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Monday, 16 January 2012

Post outdoor's weekend ( full blown biking all day out)


What a weekend...

Full of stuff Full of stories n the spice n variety of ingredient filled the days.

For saturday 14/1/2012 " mencari datuk kepada thompson punya trail"

-planned to leave kulim by 1800 ending up leaving kulim by 2100.<( actual departing was 2230 from Macdonald Seberang jaya)

-planned to reach homestay at tanah rata by 2300 ending up reaching by 0145 the next day.( biru muka pak sbu nunggu kami kat brinchang. Sorry old man.

-planned pre day sleep= 6 hours ending up only 3 hours as need to get ready by 630 -planned to bike with 6 others but ending up only with 5 as the guide was not keen to ride on the day ( had something else to take care off ogso)

-planned to have fun for the first section of the trail.( habu to ringlet n to the sunlight kebun climb up n 8km DH to pos menson. ( missed the turn to sunlight factory where we start climbin to the peak before DH. Had to climb up extra mile.
How come we missed? The area had a facelift... Totally new with more kebun they had opened. Mampus..

-didnt planned anything but a week before = full of rain. N the day we came = no rain . but  leftovers is still there.So..tanah merah = tanah lecah. It was wet n full of the DH section was with thick mud. 40cm deep. With pickup tires mark... Impossible to go faster,,,, n new skill had to learn... How to Dh in the mudd without toppling... Hehe it was full of fun.. Ape lai.. Jatuh le bang.. Menyungkur cium mud. It took us almost 1 hour to reach menson..( when it is dry u usually go 15-20 minutes dh..

Hahah T be continued

17/1/2012  continue..

-Reached Menson & mingle around a bit.

-Hmm they had improve the area & tarmac all the way to the school.. & no more small fun for rolling section...  there were 2 proton iswara there..  camno???

Reached School & the new adventure began.

CIkgu mad Bin Ibrahim wanna lead us to Kg Rening. According to him, the kg has everything, waterfall, kebun durian & so,, even the lubuk for ikan kelah. but the way to go will be tougher & no looping.. So , we decided to have a go & see what can we discover there. ( bye bye bukit meluat & nice expensive tea session)

We took right on the tarmac after Pos Menson school . About 5-10km passed Kg Leryar ( New build up tmn perumahan) & then turned left heading to Kg Telanok, Kg Teji, & one more kampung, & Kg Trakit, Kg Lemui & Kg Rening. It was deep in the jungle where we can see from the highway... & one sad news.. The area will be used to build a damn soon.( on going) So , i dunno when can we be able to experience those after all these.. sigh...

It was good mixture of tarmac & natural jungle road.
nice water fall & fruits yard.( most of the time DH) So... we were what the hell????? & no looping?? need to come back this way??? i saw several sour face already.. hehe.. ignorant is a bliss... that what i just did... heeheh

The route to Kg Rening is damn real for natural org Asli walking pathway.. Rolling single trail with no flat & NO easy surface to ride the bike on..

We didnt managed to reach Rening as once we reach Trakit, it was almost 1500. we need about 2 hours or more to go out  to the main road i presumed.

2 of our guys decided to stay in one of the river & waited for us to go out. No looping.. old days it was there but the trail had been abandoned due to some reason unknown.

 On the way out, we decided to call for rescue. Ill go out with the guide on his motorcycles & pick my pick up at Habu. The rest will wait  at Kg  Abu/ Kg Rengklas.

Anyway, we had to go out of the natural trail  by bike before i can leave my bike & joined the guide.

There then when trailing i had this moment where my bike went "teng", or "beng".. snapping/ colliding sound. small sound.. checking around & I saw nothing wrong on my bike..

It took about 1hour to reach my car & another hour  to get to them. ( As i slept by the road on the way back) to sleepy to drive.)

Loaded 6 bikes & 6 people on my  lorry, went to Menson School for prayer , light refreshment & relaxing. & By 1900 we had reached habu. Repacking & sttuff  & food time at Tanah Rata.

Decided to drop at Doli Taiping for another round of food intake, but  we reached Taiping Exit at 2300 & we thought it was too late.

I reached my home by 0200 after sending all the passengers home.

The next day ( actually after several hours) The Hardcore meleleh event took place. Aha

To be continued..

Thursday, 12 January 2012

World of Outdoors Weekend. (Cameron,Kulim & Kulim)

Har har har.

 CUba menjejak Encik thompson sekali lagi dgn 6 budak jahat (4 kulim,1 seberang jaya,1 Penang & 1 Cameron)

Trail yg selalu lalu tu .. masih lagi tak jumpe En thompson tu.. so.. kita plan carik tempat lain pulok...

So, sesapa berkenan, mai join kami di Habu pada 14hb January 2012 di Habu. ( junction to Boh tea shop) by 0745.

Kami nak nyetart kayuh by 0800-0815.

1.Super santai & mendera geng yg dah lama tak kayuh
2. Nak enjoy view
3. Nak mandi sungai
4. Nak bawak nasik lemak & make kat tepi sungai lepas mandi sungai.
5. Nak lepak kat kedai kopi eh.. tea n minum lelama.
6. then nak beli sayur seguni  utk project turun berat badan lagi sekali hehe
7. Nak start trainin for 12 hours peace ride di Gopeng later next month.

Then 15hb January 2012.
Kayuh sampei meleleh & ayaq mata di kulim ( Laluan TNB)

Geng jahat kulim organize.. yg ni.. teman mmg dah lame berkenan utk carik trail ni.. temukan selatan & utara kulim via bukit botak.. so geng jahat ni dah teroka dulu.. so ape laei.. tak payah riki.. terus kayuh ja..

Mode: Santai & again mental training for 12 hours ride
1. nak Enjoyin the view
2.Nak saje bersosial dgn geng geng baru.
3. Nak mandi sungai again.
4. Nak bawak nasi lemak n makan tepi sungai lepas mandi sungai
5. Nak sesaje menguji mental, stamina & ketahanan diri  insyaAllah..

So insyaAllah join dua dua ni.

So kalu larat lagi.. hari senin.. boleh kayuh ke bukit hijo dgn abang ramlan.. penutup official training for 12 hours  ride... hehe.. kalu badan tak larat.. tak payah register.. heheh

See ya,,

Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012 Trek Hosba " Northern Kiara" + ?????


 They have done it again..

 pun dicurik dat MTB on rock

 gambo curik
 gambo in action dicuri dari blog sapa tah ni.. lupo
 ni dicurik dari redflag...

if, smaller area defined, as many as switch back introduced = Northern part of " kiara " will be there.. just.. it is out of range for daily use.. but .. why not???? hahahahah

Now,,, i can choose either to go south or north for MTB technical learning & ride,...

to all lads yg finding & bekerja keras working on this.. good job man..

Had my eye on the trek build up for almost a month or so.. FB & MTB blog were the source. " red flag, gerek baru jitra, bla bla & tandope....& saifuddin..& ngustat Raja...

Just waited for the right time to come. something worth it to travel all the way,

After several cover by founders group & earlier visitor ( photo & video post).. then kaki sudah gatal mau melawat...

this was my 2nd attempt to go... the first one was abandoned due to less supporter...

now this time... it was on..

Mr Sufian fra Penang & Mr usop from Kulim n now Yan responded & agreed to discover.

We departed from Seberang jaya as early as 0530. (someone might be little earlier than that... salute))
& pickep up mr Usop at Gurun RnR & did our subuh there.

Around 0830, we gathered & started to roll.

It was bloggers meet . Myself, Pudin from Alor Setar , mr Kri from MTB on rock & the famous MR Adi arriman. hahah finally met mr Oman real life  after months following virtually..& maybe there are more bloggers... sorry for not mentioning  as these are the one i knew only.. my weakness... apologize in advance...

What can i say about the trail...
1.All mountain setting will have a happy face all over..
2. Now is the time to take technical decent skill another step higher .
3. Very good training ground for number 2.
4. Malaysia is still full of beautiful nature..& we must start protecting those..
5. Old man having the time of their life going through those terrace drop like single digit age kids..... what a  life..
6. For single trail flowing & nature lover..... it is your world.
7. Will be excellence movie setting for trail bike in action

8. Many more RAW trail to be discovered..
9. You can play pool/snook after those andrenalin rush action.
10. There is always good variety of foods waiting for you once you had call it a day,, ( seriously .. super good one. Cendol, cucur udang, nasi ayam & many more) but... hehe the waitress might not understand what u orderred fully.. heheh )

Overall... will come back like my own back yard.. heheh.. ( will see)

Enjoy FB pictures

MY everytrail link ( videos can be seen here)

& many more..

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Save a bit from spendin on your bike.. & help out others whose dont even think of havin a bike... waht say u??

Assalammualaikum & good afternoon.

Wanna help out?

Read on..

KHTDT & Honeywell ( Penang) so call Charity lad are workin together to build a more comfortable house for this small family. in SIK Kedah. ( nearby)

last  Raya Korban,  I had joined Wargakilang ( northern branch group) for a Korban program & had visited this unfortunate family.

Daughter (about 10 yrs)
Son (<2 x<10)
Daughter ( youngest) <2
Mother = eeleeek...

 Small pondok is their only shelter
father work on his own
the elder daughter had to quit school to take care of the younger siblings...
that is their way..

WargaKilang scouting team found them & take necessary action. Alhamdullilah.

Im pretty sure by today, the eldest daughter is in school already . thanks to Wargakilang effort.

& now we are trying to raise fund to build a better house/home for them.

You decide,

We have not  yet set  the actual date for building.. but the fund raise starts now.

Care to spend RM 10 or more for this cause? it is up to you..

Can transfer money to me or to join us later to meet the family & bring the money to them.

Kindly sumi 0122163222 for further detail.

if you wish to visit the place , pls let me know & we can arrange the time & proper transaction or anything can be done...

May Allah bless all of you.

Visit this FB link for the fund raise event & detail

Visit the KHTDT FB page for our activities & previous event.  be a member if you dont mind