Another stop???

Friday, 26 June 2009

0003 in the morning...


Sent my bike to RS cycle shop for service..
-to Fix old rim buyung
-to swap Deore crank hollow tech from current bike to New project bike. ( GT outpost)
- to Fix new " old design Deore crank to current bike"
-to fix broken " top of front absorber cap" with new one.. correct ah??
- Service the current bike to perfection.. hehehe

on the way home, planning to go to SUnway carnival for noodle station but too lazy & heading home lookin for satay house in taman selasih,, tak jumpo langsung lalu depan Giant kulim baru. tarus nam[ak new Noodle station baru buke kat situ.. eventhough Giant opening ceremony is goin to happen tomorrow.. hahaha... tonight i ate there.... yes yes...
no more wastin fuel & money to go to sunway carnival... kulim has it all... good enough le...

har har har

had my favourite meal number 15. ( usually rotate with its bro or sis = meal # 6)

Suhaimi from Infineon M5 mnt. joined me... it was perfect..

then... we were beborakin until 2300++.. Kulim has new fan now.. Mi...... hehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehe ..

how to leave this place? .. i kind of love here already....

good place for outdoor stuff... healthy life style. easy accessible foods place anywhere... nice some more.. & ogso cheap....

what else should one ask?????
hmm.. complete 5 days without bikin or excercisin.. apa lagi.. malaih le...
so tomorrow has to start abit.. before off to Perhentian island..... heieheieheieheieheiheihe

Guy,,,, good morning.

"if it makes u happy"""......

Thursday, 25 June 2009

NTMTB09 Continues


How many days already?? resting??
Cramped legs... & gained back the usual weight... huwaaaaaaa
last time after the race day,, i weight myself..... 85KG. Now bak to usual 87.5 KG...
HUwaaaaaaaa. wasted...

have to start all over again... hehehehe

yeah,, my pic is on.. i think downhill approachin water & pisang point # 1.. ntahle..
Kalu salah tolong tunjukan...

Here .... jumpa kat calbaru p punya tompek.. tarus carik.. nak carik sendiri malaih.. thanks burger...

Ajak gengn infineon masuk UUM & Kedah Jamboree. tapi macam berat geng jahat ni..

Faizal dah call tandope.( Member baik baru) kata dah book,
tapi namelist tak ada lagi.... so .. kena copek confirmkan ni.. heheheh

UUM. rasanya ok kot.. sebab bebudak ni amik degree kat deme punya kelas from 16th to 18th July kat sinun.. then tarus continue... InsyaAllah boleh join.. so kena cepat dafter le jugak.

SO geng... post Jamboree?? everybody sounded happy & enjoyed. ada few here & there tak puas hati cause ... macam macam le... so Life is just like that.. what to do.. make a full use of it & do the best in both life..

Later. remember.... life is good.

listen to this.. Nice quote from the song
" what doesnt kill me makes me stronger"

great ......

Monday, 22 June 2009

Nibong tebal mtb jamboree updates


I had setup my trail recording but , in the end it doesnt really matter.
cause, i lost the data. somehow id pressed wrong button.. shooooooot.
i want to see the profile & my own speed.. shooot shoooooooooot.

anyway , no regrets.... life goes on..

Ive finished the damn jam. Luckily id trained for this. if not, i dont know wat will happen.
got 321.done it all at about 1230.

It was fun & really really testing my limit. cramped both feet at one of the hills,( with tarmac on)

then it continues since then,,,,,,,thigh, waist & calf... huhuhu.. i even rode 1/2 of the track with cramped part of my body... once i stopped. full cramped.. shoot shoot shoot..

& alhamdullilah i didnt give up.. with Kurma bar & 100+ i keep on ridin until i met 2 girls at the finishin line.. hehe.. i smiled again....

i hate flat roads
i dont like to speed up but others like & can
so i was left behind many many light years.. so to catch up with hill & downhill it almost impossible as almost everyone tolak juge,,,,,

& hills.... where is the end??? there is no end.... hei,,,,, in the end,,, there are many ends to go through....& all were damn steep... & no end. y? Y ? & YYYYYYYYyyyyyyYYYYYYYyyYY?

downhills great but tgn sakit loh... mampuih kena break...
the fact that i was gunned down to earth last month, i had extra cautious now so break all the time.... heheehnasib baik break tak tertanggal......kalu tidak... naya,,,,,

& again falt roads to the ends... i cannot push.. cause... i cant..

so, geng.. that is all.
it was fun being part of it. met all frens.. familiar faces, & many more fun stuff which only can be keep in the heart & mind............ dont forget a durian check point or watever... funny.....

Enjoy linkin park cover....

Thanks a lot guys..

Thanks to allah to keep us safe during the race day...


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Another day in the paradise. heheh


What to do when you are not fit?
What to do if you are riding with faster riders?
what to do if you are the fastest one?
What to do if you too lazy to train?


no short cut. what you need is time & effort to answer that.

Training of course.
Upgrade also can
lose weight
put a small motor in your bike.
go downhill only. ( hire somebody to give a 4x4 ride to the top)
ride alone
stay at home & sell your bike
find another hobby


here is my another custom track to stay fit. ( combination of findings by Pak Abu & many more) what i do just exploit them to get fit . Short & fun . very very suitable afterwork.

participants : mi, pak abu ,pak ayob,din poly ,suparman & italian shirt guy.

Enjoy the link from everytrail

Training Wednesday with cal baru team

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Damn damn damn

3 days without updating.. was out of town.. wife is outside the vicinity of the "master". So need to go & see her from time to time.. aha,, arbaeiiiiiiii le aku.. welcome to the clubb... Fighting club.. the nafsu of course..

So can say no... make myself busyle. hehehe

Yesterday i went to Glof resort with Din Poly & do 3 x up & down the 500m strecth.. it was tiring & kilin my leg.. this dog chased after me.. & it was climbin.. shoot.. i have to keep cool & ignored it.. stupid dog .. & the owner was there. if not... i'll kick it right at the balls.. hahah,,, cakap pandai.. heheh

Today i did 3 rounds of climbin bukit belakang rumah & my personal short track . I looked like loony goin around short track by myself..heheh.. no choice.. need to pump up my legs & clear out my airholes so that i wont get breathless in Nibong tebal. Not that i want to win but to complete the track as quick as i can. Upper limit before 12 noon.. & stay cool .. heheheh big window.. huh.. who cares... as long as im happy , the time does not matter.

Hahahaa.. small talked with Pak Abu at his small pondok & then i called it a day.
Pak Abu whining the same old shit .. again & again.. hehe. poor old man. But he has good life & insyaAllah he will have good life in the permanent world afterwards.

May Allah be with him.


The link

Track belakang rumah hill.Sumi's custom

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Resume pic

Thursday, 11 June 2009

after work biking.


Fitness preparation for Nibong Tebal has gone to another step higher. Today i joined geng cal baru to climb bukit 3m.

i rushed home after work & then joined the KHT team to the poly to pick up cal baru group.
Then we went on to climb. I managed to climb the hill. It was torturin ... really really.
But the hill was fun. Inclination of the is not that bad & the distance is really testing your stamina & fitness. Good for hill climbin training.

Good climbin distane meaning long great downhill route.. hehehe..
It was fun to ride down & i really enjoyed & went as fast as i can with the memory of fallin down last 3 weeks hehe.. & yet i fell again . at 180 turn i had failed to control my bike & went straight into the bush.. heheh.. another flip. My front tire was in the mud path courtesy from unknown 4 wheel drive tire mark. Alhamdullillah.. 1 1cm scratch on my right arm. another collection of biking scratch has made history on my body.. huhuhhu

Then , we were headin home as margrib was approaching & false alarm on lost fren.
Overall the trip was so much fun .. Short training route after work.
Easily accessible,Not too punishin but just enough to upgrade the body fitness level, fun downhill ride with several technical area to attack. ( some great corners & jumping bum ) But of course stones with gravels route. meanin.. if jatuh,,, letih le jugak..

Attached is the route.
Please do go for all bikers who wish to test their limit on the medium distance hill with reasonable leg muscle punisher inclination.
Please check out the stats option on the aerial map.
The link to every trail

Bukit 3 m

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009



Done nothin yesterday. regret...

went lepakking instead.

few days bag i went to visit mr Pyan At RS cycle shop.

Got some dough from him. ( sold stuff) & gave him back the money by buyin more stuff) Have to top up extra RM 36 to get some item. hmm Fun this way. I bought 1 Speed king tire,tire changing tool, knee guard, 2nd hand stuff for my 3rd bike,wallet bag ,tube & etc.

Then, yes i can go downhill again with the new front tire. at least corner is back to fun now. few weeks back.. to sliperry.. thin tire.. ehehehe



Monday, 8 June 2009

Repeat for NT Jam training.


May Allah bless all of us after this suboh.(7/6/09)

Should we gamble on Nibong tebal?
Should we just ride those hills without streching our muscles?
Should we just go & have fun?

Nah, i rather have fun we a target.Cannot reach the target is some kind of fun too.

mi, mat amin, pak abu & geng SARS basikal berat. decided to complete the Kulim track from the beginning. At the end, We completed the "breath crushing" CP 1,continue to CP 3 ( short cut ) went home after Tmn Seri Mahkota. Ha ha.. 30++.Km. It was a good start for fitness developin. at least our body wont get shock during the Next jamboree.

I ve recorded the Journey & anyone can try the revised track. It is not that punishing compare to the actual Jamboree track & the original Kulim Track. ( Defined during test track). But the fun is there & your body limit will be tested to certain extent that after the ride, your muscles will be developed & your fitnesss level will increase 1 notch.

So guys, enjoy.

Training 4 ntb

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Sunday, 7 June 2009

20km bikin


Today , again with the old folks from KHT, we went for a small bikin trip.
Pak Abu, En Bomba,Pak Ayob & abang said. On the way we met Mr zaidi & frens.He just bought new Coratec bike. A month ago was Fuji tahoe. Ha ahaha, rich fella.

We decided to go to Kulim Track CP 4 & CP5. We did & it was fun to use the track again.
But, i need to do more to get in shape before NT Jamboree. My target there is to complete & to climb & stay climb .. Hahaha.. cannot put higher target as i dont know those track & my ability. So ,have to prepare . At least to get in shape to maintain my breath.

It will be tough as the Track profile shows tough condition.

Tapi kena cuba le jugak .,, ye dak,,,

I ve started new blog in wordpress. Please check on my bloglist.. It is called " dont speak".
That is more to life stories while this one will focus on bikin. Will c what happen huh..

Hei all, do visit me here & the other blog & please put ur comment if there is any.


Tuesday, 2 June 2009


A view of the national charity program.

Little excursion from bike story.Today is the day where business seems the best area to go. This training organized by our HR was so helpless that only 4 people turned up. & They have to call me to join "meramaikan". Anyway, it was an eye opening info. I guess most of the people out there have heard this SKM,JPK & etc. but not mi & the lads. We were so naive & most of the people who work with private sectors wouldnt know it for sure. Simple government sector carried out the training which was taken for granted by us. ( Infineon) The moment the presentation started, i just realized that i have made a good move to come . Every opportunity should be grab accordingly. Now i know that stuff. Knowledge is so powerful & what u need to do is to go & search them out. Rezeki is there & everywhere & the key is to go get them. Of course by Allah's will.
Anyway , just to make a point that , do not hesitate blindly on anything without even tryin to at least understand the thing. At least the basic info about it. If not, we will miss the boat.

So business, here i come.....

Back from work early & started biking with my right knee still not fully recover. It was a bit funny to paddle half heartedly but after a few min, my right leg was as fit as a fiddle. Climbed the small hill behind my house 3 times & then met pak abu for around " Kulim Golf resort trip", It was short & fun warm up trip for mi to start up my fitness program. Till we meet again.

to all out there, assalammualaikum.