Another stop???

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

2012 Jerai Enduro DH


It has been awhile...

I know.. har har har

This was the latest event I had joined.

My Nickelboy was in  place. 69er with 29er 2.1 Bontrager XR3 front tire & 26er 2.55 WTB Weirwolf at the back.

Haha good stuff but i need bigger front tire to get all the grip possible. but with this setup.. I managed to have fun...

Front 29er really does the trick,, Good rolling over & love it man & give a bit of bravery boost.. At least for me.

Thanks to Northern MTB kings... Jitra lads, Alor Setar dudes & many more. They have done a great job to organize & prepared the trail for this event. Will do another time  shortly... but this time.. more fat at the front.

hmm soon, I think ill bring my MR big 29er Hardtail to climb up & go down with this trail. Mr Sufian's Idea... All the usual clan.. let us get ready .. har har har

I have the trail & pictures. Enjoy guys..

there are video as well in the "everytrail" link.. have a look at them please.. 

Event date: 2012 Deepavali 13th Nov.
Gathering point. Titi Hayun Parking area

Parked the car- bikes on the lorry-lorry to JErai resort & then down we go..