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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday training for Kedah Jamboree


Today,planned nak pi bukit 3M+Infineon+Padang Cina & Bukit rimau.
Invited My jiran & amir & the gang, at last yang tinggal hanya aku ngan usop transformer.
Okle tu.

Meeting point Kedai breakfast kelapa sawit kat sungai ulor.

The track was fun.

Today is the first testing mini track for "Gallopin Thug"

Afer final adjustment to rider's own custom, she is currently using half of the pencil color part. (Installed handle bar & long stem from PC to GT)

Bingo, the adjustment suited my riding.
The fact that the lock on the front fork working perfectly to help on climbing.
The bike felt strong & easy to control. Downhill performance was awesome. big bike, long wheel base = more stable. Yehee,,,

During the journey, little de tour due to too seronok turun bukit sampai terlupe simpang.. carik sini sana tak jupe give up,, naik balik then continue with the original track,,


enough for today.

Tomorrow insyaALLah will join Geng KHT & gerek bukit pi gng pongsu,

Guys, try this track for training & ( MIni Jamboree)build up stamina. Got 3 main hils.. landai tapi panjang. It did squeezed my performance performance to up 1 notch.

Please refer everytrai for detail. you can even download the GPX file into your garmin or any GPS device to follow the route.

Check on the Interactive trail by cicking play button on the widget attached,


Training track T1

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

galllopin thug runnin in


the day initial plan was shifted to a simple route instead of rough 15km.
Last minute pull out of co riders, the test was forced to be short as rider lost motivation to ride on his own.

the track around the settling area was chosen.

with downhill swetup, the chassis feel a bit weird due to high setup of fork & the 18.5 size.

straight line sprint was not comfortable as rider felt movement of the power plant ( legs) are limited & constraint.Need wider handle bar to balance out the high center of gravity on the front wheel setup.It feels hard to turn with current handle bar.

Climbing looks to be a bit tough due to the big body & higher centre of gravity.
Downhill looks great & easy to maneuver & the new xt v brake give more confident to rider on stopping force .

FURTHER TESTs & small adjustments are required to setup the bike for the rider on this coming jamboree in kedah.

Of course ,the full own track test program will then verify either the new challenger fit to enter the game.

It's predecesor pencil color is put to rest to give way to the new GT it's valuable mileage.

From the test then, the decision will be made.

HEre is the performance of the immature test today.

No defined track. Only mile collection & chassis shakedown.

Testing gt

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

tough get goin, money is flowiiinnngggg


what can i say, new babay was born yesterday
not with life one yet, but with passion

Amin Merida aka "basikal raket" my own classified of his ride,wanna upgrade his second bike with some high ends products.As a result, scavengers like me get the worm in the morning.Even though the worms are not fresh but still in good shape & in high performance.

He sell to me his rims together with hubs & rotors ( Xero),B7 mechanical Disc Brake & XCR front absorber & few other stuff. Hmm i then top up a bit to complete the other bike from whatever RScycle Tokun can provide to me.The outcome, two pretty babeh ( from the eye of the beholder).

My Pencil color,(Bianchi) are equipped with Amin rims & disc brakes. The new GT outpost ( 2nd hand body from Zam KHT) are equipped with Amin Absorber & other new stuff from RScycle. 18.5 size with downhill setup absorber,the leashed GT looks hungry for it's maiden ride.She will be introduced in Kedah Jamboree for her first event of a kind insyaAllah. Now, i shall call her "gallopin thug"

Thug =

Yeay.. that is all i can afford & very happy with the new born.

ENjoy mi...i mean i enjoy... you guys can also ... heheh


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

UUM XC-R stories


i have my own story to tell.

but i choose to let pictures do the talking..
can ah? hehe

UUM XC-R 2009

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that is the track. & my performance on the right.

Completed the track at 1109.
Thanks to Allah again, nothing happen to me except of being tired & exhausted.
No leg cramp, & Kurma bar ( buah kurma la)had served me good to supply fuel to burn.

Here it goes
" I like the track, but not the organizers"
i like the hills but not the path with all the shoe prints
i like the day but the event sucks
i certainly didnt like the foods & nobody does
how rm50 can come out with that
rice ,chicken & egg & only that,
heheh organizer sure enjoy duit lebat.

Hahaha,, my thought & my thought only.
Overall the event is a bit of a mess.

firstly they lied about the track, very bad info about the event, actually almost no info,
finishing line is a dead thing.

What save the day was the sound of the DJ & that live band. apart from it. nothin & nothin at all.

way to improve next time.

enough that,

story of my journey is kind of fun.

we begin with Saturday afternoon


duduk kat T hotel..
very nice hotel.almost everyone there were bikers who joined the event.

recommended for all to stay they..

Nice room with wifi & stuff.

worth the RM70 for double bed.

stayed with Rizman from GKS team. ( Geng kayuh sedap)

a few pictures with T hotel cat...

& dinner at Roti bakar kopitiam...

then pi amik goodies,
met abang kamil,zam & few frens..
Calbaru p geng jahat kacau pukui 12 lebih hehehehe..

then event took place..

habis, kena lari balik penang pi amik bini pi Ipoh ngan pok looh.
member kawin..
anto bini naik bas balik kl
tarus balik penang,...

sampei romah pukui 1045 malam gitu.. tarus pengsan...

itule die..

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Arrived in changloon.
Check in at this hotel.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Penang trip cover

Initital plan.
Date : 12th July 2009
Period : 0730-1230
Gathering Point : Maybank Taman Selat
Destination :
CP1: 3.5km
Roti canai Wayang . ( Near Ismalia roti bengali shop)
-Roti canai & drinks available upon order

CP2 : 6.8km
Gurney Plaza
- Own drinks & chances to cuci mata

CP3 : 18.1km
Batu Feringghi
-Drinks & foods available upon own buying

CP4: 23.9km
Tamn Negara Entrance
-Drinks & foods upon own buying again

CP5 :47.1km
Tajuddin Hussein
-Foods & drinks can be bought there.( ayam rose & stuff)

Finishing line :50.1km
Maybank Taman selat

List of participants

Change of plan due to rain & requested by last minute participants....

Car to masjid negeri

to Transfer road "cinema stall" for breakfast

To ferringhi/TelukBahang

To teluk Bahang

To balik Pulau

To Air itam/Bukit bendera & Masjid Negeri

Total distance is around 66km..
My Iphone covers only until Petronas then sonething happen & no record..
i lost great data there..
it is ok.. will do again the route...

Final participants were 7.
initial 3
joined in Ferringhi with road bike 2
joined at petronas balik pulau 2 . Rida together gether aje..
tapi dapatle nengok how champion train..
ngeri sial...


then lunch at Hameediayh & to new bike shop in off jln burmah KSH Cycle.. shop..

enjoy the half recorded trip & other info

Penang round island

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how to survive the next jamboree.. not too win but to survive.. this is what i do

Training le or course..

no team to join, join the next or the closest team to your house.
y? it is easier.. can go training together anytime.. no commitment no rules.. just go..
if you fall, get up ,move your ass a little & go on..
if you tired, take a rest.. & then go...
if you alone.. you will be alone soon or later... hahaha

so here the track we ride today.
bukit 3M plus trail belakang infineon ( CP4 to Cp5)

the Calbaru p team departed at 545, i joined by 6.

we had fun... climbing that stupid hill

here the trail...
it is fun..

total 15km.

ada downhill rumput lagi.. huhuuhu.. cross 2 small rivers

3m + Infineon

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later ill update that penang trip.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Penang Trip List of participants

Fax blank form to yourself

Debit in your 0 fees money to your own account & bite me.

(hei, bring some money lah.. nanti kami dok minum hangpa nengok je.)

Sebab semua checkpoint. makanan & minuman is beli sendiri...

Bekalan 100+ byk .. byk seven eleven or any relevant shop.

No need to sign anything , just pray to Allah on our safety & be careful on the road.

Insya Allah.

Here you go...Due date is : not available

incoming trip to peNang island.


Whoever wish to join, please let me know.012-2163222

So far i have small group of frens who wish to join. Close frens only. i dont spread this. only via selected emais & sms. & in my blog..

The purpose of course to have fun & build up stamina.

As posted in the main activities page,

here are some brief info...

Total distance travel will be 50++km

average speed target 10km/h hehehe.. dont know..

wanted to do higher.. but never tested my endurance.

So will see.

Mat amin will be there, he will be my benchmark.. i'll mark him. If cannot. i'll mark my progress on my own. har har...

Zura will also be there, & abg ramlan,, so another benchmark available.. Azrul will follow with car as the trip is going to be a combination of Eating feast as well.

Zura has suggested several eating point as our check point.. First hameediyah suddenly tajuddin hussein get in the way.

My favourite will be roti canai wayang..

Ever been to this no movies wayang place,? you eat facing a main road on old building? no reason for facing that diraction, passer by will see u & of course u will look at them like no other..

Hehehehe it will be fun..

Ok guys,,
i got the tour on Google earth video..
i'll attach & you guys can view in google earth.. it is fun & real..

The destination

Penang Taman Negara Entrance, Teluk Bahang.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

UUm preparation_Daily training


Hri senin start with calbaru p members.

Ikut trek paksu & combined with bukit rimau terbalik.

The trek was fun, short & good enough for people like.

DIstance : 20 ++km

Mode : Off road/On road: 1/4. Off road= 5.00++km

A brief info:

CLimbing spot: Kulim Perdana,Golf resort back gate, infineon, siltera & off road from first solar junction until on the top of bukit rimau.

detail of bukit rimau

. repeat the track on tuesday alone., ( no company) & again with calbaru p team today. & again.. today saya jatuh lagi during downhill . Slippery turn managed to beat me .. rabak my left palm & right leg front of betis area. (top layer gone again) arrrrgghghghghghghg

Another 2o km/h off from downhill. shoot..
total 40km/h off now... hehehehehheehhehe

that is it..


Monday, 6 July 2009

NTMTB09 Continues

Gerek Gunung team dah habis upload semua gambo.. so aku nampok ada le bebas punya gambo.. tapi gambo aku macam satu je,,
takpela.. so nah aku upload kan geng bebas..
enjoy the pink panther...