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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

UUm preparation_Daily training


Hri senin start with calbaru p members.

Ikut trek paksu & combined with bukit rimau terbalik.

The trek was fun, short & good enough for people like.

DIstance : 20 ++km

Mode : Off road/On road: 1/4. Off road= 5.00++km

A brief info:

CLimbing spot: Kulim Perdana,Golf resort back gate, infineon, siltera & off road from first solar junction until on the top of bukit rimau.

detail of bukit rimau

. repeat the track on tuesday alone., ( no company) & again with calbaru p team today. & again.. today saya jatuh lagi during downhill . Slippery turn managed to beat me .. rabak my left palm & right leg front of betis area. (top layer gone again) arrrrgghghghghghghg

Another 2o km/h off from downhill. shoot..
total 40km/h off now... hehehehehheehhehe

that is it..


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