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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Y i missed Kedah Jamboree 2009??


GT mode : Built,tested,tuned,tested,shaken down,crash tested = rider crashed.

Preliminary : GT was born right after UUM XC-R 2009 event.Rider aggressively tested & tuned the bike for own used. Trained & several crash tests tested.

At the end , last no intentional crash test took place.Tuesday afternoon, BUkit 3M downhill was the location culprit. Rode on the bum behind Pak Abu, suddenly front tire landed wrongly & kaboosssshhhhh , gravity showed who is the boss. Busyin looked for " daun kapal terbang " to stop mi bleeding left elbow & else where. then by the time the blood stop bleedin , we tried to continue downhill but failed as i failed to grip on the rear brake lever.. my middle finger danglin... ring ting ting..

Pak abu gave a bit of a touch ... & it was the worst pain i ever encountered..
the nxt morning, xray confirmed i snapped my bone.. aha,....

shoot.. had operaton to fix it. the next thing i know.. 6 weeks to recover....
& weeks & weeks of MCsssss..

Hospitalized straight away & operation the next day.... another 3 weeks.. another operation to remove the wires..
damn.. lukily infineon is Paying.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. now lookin at those pics from Kedah Jamboree, i really missed good deal.. but nevermind... all for a reason. Allah knows better.


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