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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Car for sale

Hi all . Riders or non .

Something different than the lame old biking stuff heheh.

Used car for sale.

Proton Savvy1.2 AMT
Reg. date 31/07/2010

PHJ400 Tip Top condition
one owner
RM26000. ( new price)

Additional info: Full spec car
Please sms/call 019 4113363
 or home 04-5756009

Enjoy good stuff.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

19th-20th June 2010

Penang Hill Hiking with 5 other loonies.

Using Moon Gate as the starting point, We managed to hike up the Hill for almost 4 hours.
Hahaha Yess,. ( King julian style)

It was tiring but fun.This is my first preparing step for the day.
Went down with Pick up, then heading to Kassim Mustafa for Lunchinner. (equivalent to brunch)
It was fun & definitely will do more as my wife is preparing herself for 4000m ascend.

Watch out for more outdoor events. All will insyaAllah base on biking & climbing.

My mate Hamka the man is leaving Kulim for good. Got a job in Muar. He was dying to climb  Kulim Bukit Botak hill.SO we had planned 1 activity for him.
8 of us were there to reconquer the hill & enjoyed the long fun downhill as the big reward.2nd timer from Inokom geng had showed good climbin improvement. We no longer had to wait for them. with a short breather, there were there already. If we planned for the 3rd time, they will get ahead ... who knows..

It was fun day & very nice trip.
Last time we reached the top at 1230-1300,
this time, we reached Cendol stall by 1215.

Anyway, alhadullilah, the journey was a safe one to all & we enjoyed the day.

Picture link in facebook

The trail from everytrail

End of week.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

what happen to me?


Ipoh Jamboree?
yeah. im supposed to update what happen in Ipoh. actually about my trip.

At the very last minute, Infineon gang abandoned the ship,,
He he he.. they registered, booked a homestay, planned the trip but againt Allah knows well.
I went with Celestica team ( Faizal & Rizman)
Finally 4 of us were there to share the homestay. ( My client from JB Mr Halim yang beli my Mvic Cross ride) joined us for the day.

We went to Ipoh that saturday afternoon.Reached there by 1600 & retrieved out plate number by 1800.
Then off to Kinta City for Window shoppin & stuff. Hehe awek Ipoh conversation .
Had Burger King for our dinner & walkabout the Ipoh town before we called it a day around 2330.

The next day, we went early & for the first time in my bikin life, i was there up front. hahah.. just want to feel how it is. Pretty funny i must say. Im so not pushing & very not strong to stay infront.
 but .. hei.. sapo nak kesah heeheh

Finished the event by 1151 with number 269.Alhamdullilah. Some how I pushed in the begining & cramped my leg by halfway... hahah.. lucky enough to skip the traffic & it was pretty working strategy... but heheh im not fit enough to push like that..

But it was fun.Met my bro in law's nephew, had the best foods setup & was happy with overall event.
Very challenging track with great difficulties offered. Will definitely come back to enjoy the ride with a smaller scale...

This week(4th June ) went back to Ipoh for relative's wedding.  Went biking in Ipoh town with my wife for breakfast. We stayed at Excelsior.Then  went to KL after the wedding for my nephew 's birthday party in Shah Alam.

Went Biking at Lukut with My lad Azmir. It was fun & easy riding day. Azmir is a very good host. Only the 2 of us were biking. heheh..

Then today, now ( 7th June 2010 at 0015) writing this report in my room. Arrived Kulim at 2235.

So, it is a lovely family weekend.

Thanks to Allah for the nikmah given.