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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

2010 Kedah Jamboree Bantuan Banjir. Report


First of all,
 Thanks to Allah,Alhamdullilah,

This small program was a success.
The turn up was unexpected.
The fund & many more..

We had many things, many support
-Total fund was RM 8+++( pls refer pic for detail)
-Day 1 >20 manpower
-Day 2 >20 manpower
-The bond between bikerz ( who had joined) is growing stronger.
-The food was nice for both days. ( Thanks to abg Din;s Family & Rusdi)
-We had many type of sponsor ,
--fund for volunteers food,( including, dozens of mineral waters, homemade ikan haruan kering,sandwiches & other food),
-- comfortable place to stay & rest in between work, ( Mr Din's homestay at titi Gajah ,Rusdi's house & Abe Din's House )
--we were equipped with water jet pumps (a neighbour of mine lent his unit, 1 of the participant unselfishly bought 1 for the cause & another unit owned by one of the participant)

It was a fun event .Everyone seems to enjoy . Many flaws can be observed from our side but that was it. Our part to the situation. We wish we could have done more & insyaAllah that wish will come true in the future.

About RM300++  were spent to buy cleaning& working tools, they are under my keeping. To all the fund contributors, please be informed. i wish to keep the units for future program. if ada penentangan &  perbincangan, sila utarakan. you can call me 0122163222 . Of course kebenaran from all of you di perlukan.

Food for volunteers, i memang dah dapat kebenaran utk itu.

A fren suggested to me to donate the units to any surau .. but i think i want to absorb the units to Kulim' Help to do team props. The units can be used for any similar events in the future.

Please let me know. Obviously from time to time ill use some of the units myself for my own purpose. Anything... let us discuss & please suggest .You all are the pemegang saham. your wish is my command.


from Sumi's view

From tandop's view

From Mr Din's view

From Mr Raja 's view

Facebook Event page

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

another barang utk lelong. ada yang murah & ada yang mahal.


additional item to be lelong for the cost. Yang mahal tu  cost lelong.. akan disimpan oleh owner.( Sje test market)

But yang lain.... boleh bid . cara sama macam post sebelum.
BY friday the 12th at 1500 hour, the highest bidder will win.

Item will be sent to you via post once payment is made
Please bid using the blog shoutmix.

 happy bidding for the cause..

& help out to spread the news.

& come & join us in Kedah this weekend..

2010 Kedah Jamboree Lelong utk collect dana


NI ada lelong. brg beskat.
 Money yg dibayar akan digunakan utk cost volunteer expenses & to mangsa need.( program Weekend ni utk helping  mangsa banjir di kedah),

50% total cost to bare volunteer cost
50% of total to mangsa need.( foods & etc)

Please bid in the comment section. The last bidder with the highest price by Friday 12th November 2010 at 1500. is the winner . Need to pay to Sumi maybank  1140 1126 8145. item will be posted to you.

Cara nak bid,
respond di shout mix blog ini. Thanks. pengunjung boleh menilai harge yang terakhir secara telus & secara sendiri.

sila nyatakan perkara berikut.
2. Phone number:
3.Bidding price:
4. Barang nombot berapa.


Barang nombot 1. ( Used XT FD M760A)

Barang pertama utk dilelong..

mari mari

rapat rapat

to be continued....

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

ada anak kucing depan romah aku... camne ni


Dia dok memekak dari semalam..

aku suke kucing.. tapi aku dah ade seko kat romah ni..
 so kalu bela satu lagi... mampuih,,
dah le bini aku tak suko kucing.. so camno??

Nak buang.. baby lagi..
 mano omaknya ni ha????

 so guys... what to do??

2010 Jamboree bantuan Banjir ( fun ride & fun helping out)

The link & the info.
Please go to this Facebook link/page

 Come guys... bikerz & non bikerz welcome.

See ya

GAS D3. Climbing to Laban Rata from Mersilau Gate

hmmm another delay.. just for the sake of updating.
& staggering because malasing & saje nak bagi suspend.. syok sendiri hehehe

The map
The link to everytrail

Nice breakfast at MErsilau Cafe. Actually we were too early to the place.heheh saja bikin panaih.
 After sessi bergambo & stuff... maka sessi taklimat & stretchin & byk lagi

 Hmm the climb was fun. the pace was totally off. about 3 group. front ,middle & damn slow siput.
The front part also disintegrated at the last part. i bet the last kilometer was a killer.. Bila nak habih ni.??
The view was nice, A lot better than Timpohon.. believe me.. We had waterfall, titi gantung... top of the hill view & almost like on Mars ( with orange background)

 I was tryin my limit by carrying my own stuff... it was ok & but off balance a bit when going down. ( Mersilau has up & down texture. not like Timpohon. Total ascend....

 Finally we all ( the front runners ) reached the junction.hmmm that was it..the real torture began.
Those porter are not human. i saw female bertudung porter also.. carrying items which weighted >30kg. Running porter going down....
Met & chatted with locals ( Porters & visitors)
Some slow porters admitted that they use to climb 8 times in a month. (utk part time) Gallen. hmmm but locals were friendly.
The front runners:
Jett Linn ,Dong,Haji Adi,Wan,Dayani,Fendi

Middle earth:
Sumi,Rapper ( Aida),Tengkurak,Abe Din Merton & bla bla.

Slow siput:
Hai NIk... & Jo. Thanks to BroZAm & BroMan for supporting.
The earlierst was around 1430 & the last reached by 1800. Alhamdullilah. Pucat muko si Nik masa sampei...

It was fun. Very cold. & many people mengeluarkan kata kata lucah when were forced to climb to Gunting Lagadan  Dormitory after reaching Laban rata. Only extra 150m. but damn.. it took us almost 20 min.

1. Shorter route, choose Timpohon .
2. Great view & really great view choose Mersilau
3.Mersilau Nature resort offers nice food & cozy dormitory
4.Use porters if you can.It is really punishing to carry your own item. but up to you..
5.Packed lunch provided by the resort is the best lunch you can ever had up there ( during climbing). Bring some your own . Actually it is not enough for some people.
6.Camera is a must. very nice view
7.Train for the climbing.Not just stamina, Mental plays the major & vital role.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

GAS Overall Summary & brief info.. ( penulis dah malaih) har har har


Enjoy summary & statistic..

8 days & 7 nights not so secret recipe......

Then this is the summary of main event. Biking & hiking.

& the little for fun statistic.. ( dah tak ada kerja lain)

Total mileage (Biking & hiking)
Total mileage for Biking
Total mileage for Hiking
Sum of time taken for both activities
Sum of time taken for biking
Time taken for hiking
daily elevation Profile (Both activities)

Daily downhill profile ( both activities)

What sort of mood you are looking for ??
Day 1: almost equal amount of elevation & downhill, Meaning flat road. So, im not good at straight line flat road speed. hate it. hate to push myself.Nothing to proof or achieve for me .
Day 2: Big elevation meaning big  & long climbing. Head down.Something we look forward to. ( for mental ,stamina & bla bla training. You ill go slowly & steadily. Little place to recover .Mainly torturing & damn.. bila nak habis ni..

Day 3: Hiking day. Of course just climbing. but a little flat & some downhill if Using Mersilau route. If timpohon, expect no mercy. mostly total climbing. I was not smilling at all for the last 1KM.
Day 4: To summit & all the way down through timpohon gate. Big downhil. Yes.. 3 km uphill & 8 km going down. Torturing & wished i had brought along my fullsus bike.

Day 5:More downhill compare to climbing. Meaning. rolling route.Yeah.. enjoy a bit but ha ha ha .. hill come & go... The view is just nice..

Day 6: More downhill of course. infact fun & scary downhill . The climbing is to the highest peak of the journey, but you know it is the last climb ( heavy one).. so just go for it.. har har.har..

My vote for the toughest day is: 2nd day
My best day : The last ride ( day 6)


It is fun to merapu statistically. Hehehe at least i had fun doing it.. that matters the most........


GAS overall cover.. The map..

Overall stories...