Another stop???

Sunday, 24 January 2010

back to kl... Car insurance stuff.. but before that...


Stayed at my sis house in Cheras Quepacs,,, nak kena excercise jugak..
so aku heret basikal EM... aku...

so kasi naik bukit on road je... sorang sorang bosan beb.. lagi pun lopeh tu nak pi kl settle insurance kereta... ahahah..

so ni le bukit tu

4th kk. Cheras optimizing

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then 24th Jan.. 2010,,,
eden pi kerkah kiara,,,

tak fluid... eden masih lagi.. tak serasi pakai hydro,, tayar pulak speedking bunga jejarang. langsung... terbabas,,, nasib baik teman letak kaki ke lantai dulu... heheh

kiara mit em

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kesimpulan nya... dapapt le jugak enjoy...

tapi balik nengok fb nampak geng kayuh beb kayuh kat elmina.. katanya nampak best..
tapi.. teman nak balik kulim sesorang malam ni. so tak buleh jugak.. nanti penat tak ingat.
dah kasi nama nak join trip kayuh offroad kat kebun bunga betong.. so insyaAllah geng utara.. saya join hangpa di betong..

ok geng lupo jumaat lepas.. birthday teman.. heheh

teman balik kl...saje sebab bini teman. nak kasi surprise.. malam jumaat... hahaha

Garage pic continue

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Garage pic...Gambo gambo lame yg sepatutnya di upload tapi lupo...


Only pictures tell the stories....

Weekend full of Bicycle stories.. actually a week

1st event ( Saturday 16th Jan 2010)

2nd event ( Sunday 17th Jan 2010)

3rd event (MOnday 18th Jan 2010)


Good evening.

A week of magic.

A weekend of pain

A week of wastin'

A weekend of trainin'

A week of waitin'

A weekend of enjoyin'

A week just flyin

A weekend to be remembered.....

Ha ha ,,, Hanya Aku & aku saje yang tau...


MInggu ni minggu sejarah.. Mana aku nak tutup lubang ni..
tapi aku rasa sgt berbaloi..

Ok.. we start with the weekend

Due to "the Great Adventure"
Eden terpakse mengejoin geng geng roadie kayuh on road.
pasai nak build up mileage & stamina.
Pasai nak build stamina for climbin'
Tak pasai pasai ngikut Din Poly Jiran kayuh sampei ke Hulu Port. hehe

Mula Mula , saturday, atas pelawaan Rafid Sort...eden ngikut geng geng kepala batas kayuh ke Pantai Merdeka.Jadi hantu rider. Dpt tau pulak geng Poly & din ada dafter.. aku paksa din pergi sebab buleh temankan aku hehe.
Gneg poly dlm 6 org join.... so aku ngikut depa..

tau tau... Umno punya kayuh on road. ke semua tempat ada signboard umno tu.. heheh

We stopped for a short breakfast somewhere & rejoin in Kota Kuala Muda ,Kedah.
So dptle 72km under our belt . ulang alik ke Pantai Merdeka & back to Rumah Ayie kat Bertam Perdana

So , ini gambo & trailnya.

pantai merdeka

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17th January 2010

Din invited me to join the Baling Biker to memanjat Gunung Paku. Again, due to that, i accepted the invitation.
Our side, Amin,Din,Orbot ( roadie) & hadi (roadie) joined.
Arrived at Baling by subuh & had a nice breakfast at the stall opposite Petronas Station.
Then 20 of us , started the journey.

Enjoy the pic & trail

Gunung Paku.

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18th Jan 2010 ( Sg Lembu Track_ Off road_Finally)

Shake down for my New Ms EM. earlier called Hot lips.. but EM is better. hahah
Broke the chain at 1 of the fast climbin.. what is with me & Sg Lembu track. I broke my chain twice here for my first & 2nd attempts.

Ha ha.. was so much fun tryin the new stuff. ( 2nd hand though) assembled & mixed parts. Still need to trust the Power of disc brake.
overall so much fun & so much potential.
wait & see

enjoy the pics & trail

sg lembu track

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pencil colour is history


I used to save 20 cents per day when i was a kid.At STD 1 , i saved that amount per day by spending only 30 cents during recess. My first step to education was in Sekolah Kebangsaan Manjoi , Ipoh , Perak. after a week, i had collected enough money to buy myself a set of "lunar Pencil Colour" ( The shorter version). I remembered that , it was the best time of my life. Really appreciate the moment.

Now, i never collected money to buy things. i dig them. under my table, inside jeans & most of the time in my washing machine. Not to say that i have tons of those papers.. but what i am trying to say that is.. im no longer enjoying the feeling of collecting money & wait patiently until money is enough & the item is yours.Dunno y adults like me stop or actually have not started doing that.

Ha ha .. so .. i have sold my pencil colour. just the body. i am tryin to upgrade my stuff. & still doing so. this year, 2010, i want to go to a level higher than last year. but of course... used items. heheh... im not a fan of new stuff. i can get godd price for those. in fact halve or even less than that. items are still good.The fact that im not the type yang jaga barang sampei nyuci nyuci sampei berkilat, i suke jatuh sana sini, calar sini sinun... so .. used items.. akan menyebabkan my hati tak sakit.. so i speak...

sebenarnya tak mampu .. heheh habis cerita..

haha.. so yang baru.. tak finalized lagi.. nantile.. hutang pun tak habis.. heheh...
tu la pasal.. depa racun,, aku tak mampu... racun jugak.. so aku racun balik suruh bayo dua kali.. habis.. dua dua kena racun.. yang untun... org yang jual... aku untun sat ja.. lagi sebulan dua... berkenan kat yang lain pulak.. hahaha.. kena racun lagi.. hehehehe

enjoy the goodbye feelin.....

Monday, 4 January 2010

what happen when an unstoppable object hit an unmovable object?


Y? certain non muslim are not happy the way their religion is doing?
Y? Muslim must fight over this?
y? certain muslim are only muslim by name?
y? sometime a muslim does not have a muslim name?

Hot cakes now... R MTB community aware of this?
Hope we all can stay united what even religion & races... so far we did..& still do....

InsyaAllah, if all of us can stick with established equilibrium earlier on... we will be happy & enjoy the next jamboree regardless of what happen now.

Im sorry, im a muslim... im fighting over muslim right at the moment.Hope everyone understand,,,

Enjoy the hot cakes....

Keep posted..

Saturday, 2 January 2010

2nd day of the year 2010


yes , it is the 2nd day.
i always like to be 2nd.. never the first. y.. to remind me of everything.
you will never be the best & there are many people catching up on you. even if you were first.. you are still nothin.....COmpare to Allah .. u r even more insignificant.

Muslim will say... " yeah, it is true, but y compare...or it is not nesccessary to"
Non Muslim.. wont say much.. cause they dont believe in Allah.. most of them.

dont worry... i wont write something heavy this 2nd day of the year.Just want to do something special on the day ..

what were my wishes? azam? & projects?
what about Outdoor sports related stuff??
Yeah.. the scope is getting smaller & easier to point out..
Mountain bike?
yeah.... i've decided to get involve more. to climb 1 or 2 notches of skill or level..
I have a plan to start a new activity..."Camping while Exploring"
My outdoor mate & my jiran already agreed upon the vow.
The maiden event is still in the plan. & I am also committed to thie fellowship of MTBikers .This epic journey will really become an eye opener & a boost to everything..
i can sense the big outcome out of it. Thanks to the big brother behind the scene..he is not hidden but at low key every time.

So , the day will come & insyaAllah, we will make it & i'll roll on the actvities & we will see what happen...Malaysian no longer need to stay passive..

This is what sort of bullshit i am capable of writin early in the mornin...

Enjoy life but do not forget..