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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

how to survive the next jamboree.. not too win but to survive.. this is what i do

Training le or course..

no team to join, join the next or the closest team to your house.
y? it is easier.. can go training together anytime.. no commitment no rules.. just go..
if you fall, get up ,move your ass a little & go on..
if you tired, take a rest.. & then go...
if you alone.. you will be alone soon or later... hahaha

so here the track we ride today.
bukit 3M plus trail belakang infineon ( CP4 to Cp5)

the Calbaru p team departed at 545, i joined by 6.

we had fun... climbing that stupid hill

here the trail...
it is fun..

total 15km.

ada downhill rumput lagi.. huhuuhu.. cross 2 small rivers

3m + Infineon

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later ill update that penang trip.

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