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Tuesday, 2 June 2009


A view of the national charity program.

Little excursion from bike story.Today is the day where business seems the best area to go. This training organized by our HR was so helpless that only 4 people turned up. & They have to call me to join "meramaikan". Anyway, it was an eye opening info. I guess most of the people out there have heard this SKM,JPK & etc. but not mi & the lads. We were so naive & most of the people who work with private sectors wouldnt know it for sure. Simple government sector carried out the training which was taken for granted by us. ( Infineon) The moment the presentation started, i just realized that i have made a good move to come . Every opportunity should be grab accordingly. Now i know that stuff. Knowledge is so powerful & what u need to do is to go & search them out. Rezeki is there & everywhere & the key is to go get them. Of course by Allah's will.
Anyway , just to make a point that , do not hesitate blindly on anything without even tryin to at least understand the thing. At least the basic info about it. If not, we will miss the boat.

So business, here i come.....

Back from work early & started biking with my right knee still not fully recover. It was a bit funny to paddle half heartedly but after a few min, my right leg was as fit as a fiddle. Climbed the small hill behind my house 3 times & then met pak abu for around " Kulim Golf resort trip", It was short & fun warm up trip for mi to start up my fitness program. Till we meet again.

to all out there, assalammualaikum.

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