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Monday, 8 June 2009

Repeat for NT Jam training.


May Allah bless all of us after this suboh.(7/6/09)

Should we gamble on Nibong tebal?
Should we just ride those hills without streching our muscles?
Should we just go & have fun?

Nah, i rather have fun we a target.Cannot reach the target is some kind of fun too.

mi, mat amin, pak abu & geng SARS basikal berat. decided to complete the Kulim track from the beginning. At the end, We completed the "breath crushing" CP 1,continue to CP 3 ( short cut ) went home after Tmn Seri Mahkota. Ha ha.. 30++.Km. It was a good start for fitness developin. at least our body wont get shock during the Next jamboree.

I ve recorded the Journey & anyone can try the revised track. It is not that punishing compare to the actual Jamboree track & the original Kulim Track. ( Defined during test track). But the fun is there & your body limit will be tested to certain extent that after the ride, your muscles will be developed & your fitnesss level will increase 1 notch.

So guys, enjoy.

Training 4 ntb

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