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Monday, 22 June 2009

Nibong tebal mtb jamboree updates


I had setup my trail recording but , in the end it doesnt really matter.
cause, i lost the data. somehow id pressed wrong button.. shooooooot.
i want to see the profile & my own speed.. shooot shoooooooooot.

anyway , no regrets.... life goes on..

Ive finished the damn jam. Luckily id trained for this. if not, i dont know wat will happen.
got 321.done it all at about 1230.

It was fun & really really testing my limit. cramped both feet at one of the hills,( with tarmac on)

then it continues since then,,,,,,,thigh, waist & calf... huhuhu.. i even rode 1/2 of the track with cramped part of my body... once i stopped. full cramped.. shoot shoot shoot..

& alhamdullilah i didnt give up.. with Kurma bar & 100+ i keep on ridin until i met 2 girls at the finishin line.. hehe.. i smiled again....

i hate flat roads
i dont like to speed up but others like & can
so i was left behind many many light years.. so to catch up with hill & downhill it almost impossible as almost everyone tolak juge,,,,,

& hills.... where is the end??? there is no end.... hei,,,,, in the end,,, there are many ends to go through....& all were damn steep... & no end. y? Y ? & YYYYYYYYyyyyyyYYYYYYYyyYY?

downhills great but tgn sakit loh... mampuih kena break...
the fact that i was gunned down to earth last month, i had extra cautious now so break all the time.... heheehnasib baik break tak tertanggal......kalu tidak... naya,,,,,

& again falt roads to the ends... i cannot push.. cause... i cant..

so, geng.. that is all.
it was fun being part of it. met all frens.. familiar faces, & many more fun stuff which only can be keep in the heart & mind............ dont forget a durian check point or watever... funny.....

Enjoy linkin park cover....

Thanks a lot guys..

Thanks to allah to keep us safe during the race day...


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