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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Another day in the paradise. heheh


What to do when you are not fit?
What to do if you are riding with faster riders?
what to do if you are the fastest one?
What to do if you too lazy to train?


no short cut. what you need is time & effort to answer that.

Training of course.
Upgrade also can
lose weight
put a small motor in your bike.
go downhill only. ( hire somebody to give a 4x4 ride to the top)
ride alone
stay at home & sell your bike
find another hobby


here is my another custom track to stay fit. ( combination of findings by Pak Abu & many more) what i do just exploit them to get fit . Short & fun . very very suitable afterwork.

participants : mi, pak abu ,pak ayob,din poly ,suparman & italian shirt guy.

Enjoy the link from everytrail

Training Wednesday with cal baru team

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