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Thursday, 11 June 2009

after work biking.


Fitness preparation for Nibong Tebal has gone to another step higher. Today i joined geng cal baru to climb bukit 3m.

i rushed home after work & then joined the KHT team to the poly to pick up cal baru group.
Then we went on to climb. I managed to climb the hill. It was torturin ... really really.
But the hill was fun. Inclination of the is not that bad & the distance is really testing your stamina & fitness. Good for hill climbin training.

Good climbin distane meaning long great downhill route.. hehehe..
It was fun to ride down & i really enjoyed & went as fast as i can with the memory of fallin down last 3 weeks hehe.. & yet i fell again . at 180 turn i had failed to control my bike & went straight into the bush.. heheh.. another flip. My front tire was in the mud path courtesy from unknown 4 wheel drive tire mark. Alhamdullillah.. 1 1cm scratch on my right arm. another collection of biking scratch has made history on my body.. huhuhhu

Then , we were headin home as margrib was approaching & false alarm on lost fren.
Overall the trip was so much fun .. Short training route after work.
Easily accessible,Not too punishin but just enough to upgrade the body fitness level, fun downhill ride with several technical area to attack. ( some great corners & jumping bum ) But of course stones with gravels route. meanin.. if jatuh,,, letih le jugak..

Attached is the route.
Please do go for all bikers who wish to test their limit on the medium distance hill with reasonable leg muscle punisher inclination.
Please check out the stats option on the aerial map.
The link to every trail

Bukit 3 m

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