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Sunday, 7 June 2009

20km bikin


Today , again with the old folks from KHT, we went for a small bikin trip.
Pak Abu, En Bomba,Pak Ayob & abang said. On the way we met Mr zaidi & frens.He just bought new Coratec bike. A month ago was Fuji tahoe. Ha ahaha, rich fella.

We decided to go to Kulim Track CP 4 & CP5. We did & it was fun to use the track again.
But, i need to do more to get in shape before NT Jamboree. My target there is to complete & to climb & stay climb .. Hahaha.. cannot put higher target as i dont know those track & my ability. So ,have to prepare . At least to get in shape to maintain my breath.

It will be tough as the Track profile shows tough condition.

Tapi kena cuba le jugak .,, ye dak,,,

I ve started new blog in wordpress. Please check on my bloglist.. It is called " dont speak".
That is more to life stories while this one will focus on bikin. Will c what happen huh..

Hei all, do visit me here & the other blog & please put ur comment if there is any.


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