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Friday, 26 June 2009

0003 in the morning...


Sent my bike to RS cycle shop for service..
-to Fix old rim buyung
-to swap Deore crank hollow tech from current bike to New project bike. ( GT outpost)
- to Fix new " old design Deore crank to current bike"
-to fix broken " top of front absorber cap" with new one.. correct ah??
- Service the current bike to perfection.. hehehe

on the way home, planning to go to SUnway carnival for noodle station but too lazy & heading home lookin for satay house in taman selasih,, tak jumpo langsung lalu depan Giant kulim baru. tarus nam[ak new Noodle station baru buke kat situ.. eventhough Giant opening ceremony is goin to happen tomorrow.. hahaha... tonight i ate there.... yes yes...
no more wastin fuel & money to go to sunway carnival... kulim has it all... good enough le...

har har har

had my favourite meal number 15. ( usually rotate with its bro or sis = meal # 6)

Suhaimi from Infineon M5 mnt. joined me... it was perfect..

then... we were beborakin until 2300++.. Kulim has new fan now.. Mi...... hehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehe ..

how to leave this place? .. i kind of love here already....

good place for outdoor stuff... healthy life style. easy accessible foods place anywhere... nice some more.. & ogso cheap....

what else should one ask?????
hmm.. complete 5 days without bikin or excercisin.. apa lagi.. malaih le...
so tomorrow has to start abit.. before off to Perhentian island..... heieheieheieheieheiheihe

Guy,,,, good morning.

"if it makes u happy"""......

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