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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Damn damn damn

3 days without updating.. was out of town.. wife is outside the vicinity of the "master". So need to go & see her from time to time.. aha,, arbaeiiiiiiii le aku.. welcome to the clubb... Fighting club.. the nafsu of course..

So can say no... make myself busyle. hehehe

Yesterday i went to Glof resort with Din Poly & do 3 x up & down the 500m strecth.. it was tiring & kilin my leg.. this dog chased after me.. & it was climbin.. shoot.. i have to keep cool & ignored it.. stupid dog .. & the owner was there. if not... i'll kick it right at the balls.. hahah,,, cakap pandai.. heheh

Today i did 3 rounds of climbin bukit belakang rumah & my personal short track . I looked like loony goin around short track by myself..heheh.. no choice.. need to pump up my legs & clear out my airholes so that i wont get breathless in Nibong tebal. Not that i want to win but to complete the track as quick as i can. Upper limit before 12 noon.. & stay cool .. heheheh big window.. huh.. who cares... as long as im happy , the time does not matter.

Hahahaa.. small talked with Pak Abu at his small pondok & then i called it a day.
Pak Abu whining the same old shit .. again & again.. hehe. poor old man. But he has good life & insyaAllah he will have good life in the permanent world afterwards.

May Allah be with him.


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