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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

"Maki hamun" . That is what u get when u try to combine Hiking with Mountain Biking together.

NO doubt, malaysian MTB geng are not up to that yet.
No doubt, RM50 is more than enough to give riders more water point & of course water.
No doubt,if we reverse the track, we might enjoy the long nice single downhill track in the wood... but hahaha
No doubt,I,we, whoever under estimate what the Taiping geng can do to us... ( my earlier post supported this)
No doubt,is still my favourite band . listen to this song from them & that is exactly what we need to do.. in return to what we were dealing with that horror sunday.( Enjoy the lyric & compare to the event .. & you will have some fun...have fun guys,, hehe)

Enjoy the tracked trip even though all of us were not enjoying at all the day.
It is almost similar to what i have expected, but was not expecting the worse than Kayuh Lasak one. It is an element of surprise.

Kayuhan lasak

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