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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Raya Haji splendid Journey

Assalammualaikum & salam sejahtera.

It is never the same as the journey to Makkah,
It is not even close to 1 percent of it,
It is here in Malaysia,
Actually was.

My 2009 Aidil Adha Journey.

Decided to visit my Bro in law in JB, So I brought along my sis, her daughters & my wife in Mini TR Friday morning after simple breakfast in Cheras withmy eldest sister & her son.
My 3rd sis was not there due to some other stuff.

A night before, i just arrived from Kulim departed around 1830 after work. Reached KL by 2200 & stopped for a drink in Setapak mit old buddies Sam , Hameed & geng Gombak.

Our first stop was Seremban to meet My sis mum in law. We chose to use Lekas Expressway to avoid heavy traffic to Seremban. Then straight to JB & reached there by 1630.My bro in law waited patiently for us at a house in Taman Rinting .The family then reunited.

We had late dinner at Mamak's as my wife was begging to stay in front of the tele to watch this "Nur Kasih" stuff. Hmm.. that stuff managed to get tremendous fan around Tanah Melayu.

The next day , after my bro in law came from work, we decided to go to Mersing for fun.We used Ulu tiram-Kota tinggi-Mersing connection. BUmpy road with boring Kelapa Sawit view all the way.

Managed to get a cabin in Pantai Air Papan. The cabin was nice, adopted from cold country winter cabin(Scandinavian & Canadian style Spruce logs.)Nice design & beautaful materials used.

DInner in Mersing was hell. Stopped At 3 restaurant & move away after knowing that the food will be late due to too many people & lack of man power. ( Raya Haji holiday).Finally we decided to stop at restaurant in the town opposite embassy hotel. The place was good but the service was slow .Even complained from my family members on the poor service by the pelayan.

The next day departed to Sempang Renggam for the wedding & back to JB to send my bro in law. Then back to KL . We got out at PEdas Linggi exit to get to Mantin for LEkas highway. If not, we might reach home by 0200.
The next monday, i went back to Kulim & reached home by 1900.

It was so tiring but i really enjoy journey.I got to use & see new roadways.
Ha ha ha..

Alhamdullilah, the road trip was smooth by Allah 's bless.


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