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Saturday, 2 January 2010

2nd day of the year 2010


yes , it is the 2nd day.
i always like to be 2nd.. never the first. y.. to remind me of everything.
you will never be the best & there are many people catching up on you. even if you were first.. you are still nothin.....COmpare to Allah .. u r even more insignificant.

Muslim will say... " yeah, it is true, but y compare...or it is not nesccessary to"
Non Muslim.. wont say much.. cause they dont believe in Allah.. most of them.

dont worry... i wont write something heavy this 2nd day of the year.Just want to do something special on the day ..

what were my wishes? azam? & projects?
what about Outdoor sports related stuff??
Yeah.. the scope is getting smaller & easier to point out..
Mountain bike?
yeah.... i've decided to get involve more. to climb 1 or 2 notches of skill or level..
I have a plan to start a new activity..."Camping while Exploring"
My outdoor mate & my jiran already agreed upon the vow.
The maiden event is still in the plan. & I am also committed to thie fellowship of MTBikers .This epic journey will really become an eye opener & a boost to everything..
i can sense the big outcome out of it. Thanks to the big brother behind the scene..he is not hidden but at low key every time.

So , the day will come & insyaAllah, we will make it & i'll roll on the actvities & we will see what happen...Malaysian no longer need to stay passive..

This is what sort of bullshit i am capable of writin early in the mornin...

Enjoy life but do not forget..

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