Another stop???

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

how on earth is Taiping gonna be?


Is it hard? is it Normal? heheh can i cope with it?
I dunno.. if it harder than kayuh lasak? i dont think so.

i need to knoe the real condition so that i know what is waiting for me.

Less info from the organizer.. i got this map only.....

Than this info....

Then , to dig more info, i did this.
evrything seems normal from aeriel view.

until... it reveal with twist & turn of the earth... damn it.....
but again.. this is from my eyes 7 imagination only.. it could be worse or nothing... but what ever.. we survived Kayuh lasak InsyaALlah we will survive Taiping ... May Allah bless us..

check this out

n this ...

some more..


so guys.. dont be fooled with this lame aeriel view map.haha..
for the fun sake of it... enjoy..

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