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Friday, 4 December 2009

REcoverY Maiden Jamboree


Hmm. Friday is today. Saturday is tomorrow & Sunday is the day. Can i survive the challenges? can we all? i can't answer that? can i ?

Heard that this is 1 tough event. 4 to 5 hours is my range. i dunno. First time , & just recovered. actually not fully. so my downhill speed is reduced to 10 km/hr. need to be cautious this time. It is not fully heal. so give it a rest. Mentally im up to it.
Physically .. maybe... we will c... InsyaAllah all wil be ok. I need to enjoy this event & build up the experiences & all the confidence i need for the future event & this event ogso.

My journey will be start tomorrow morning. with PHEW.
I was put in an otai group of people.. Mr "tip of other riders tongue" Adi harriman & other penang group which ive heard had joined the kayuhan pecah lemak to Haadyai.. hmm... mi had nothing so far. but good experience will be my advantage. to learn from this people.

Aha, tomorrow ill be station in NAZA hotel for the day..

here we go....

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