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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My Jiran preparation for Kayuh Lasak 2010. heheeh

Motivation:To feel mini Kayuh Lasak "look & feel alike"
Extra motivation:Bakau Lemak
Mode: "Misi Jahat" on the run.
Participation: Jiran aka Din Poly aka Burger(geng telefon dulu ,confirm nak pergi, last last minute pun tak pe, baru pergi) or the other way around pun buleh, & Sumi.

Sempena misi jahat, kami terpaksa membawa dua kereta & memindahkan segala kelengkapan di Poly Kulim. After short breakfast di Pak long or code name " kedai tepi sungai", kerja kerja jahat pun dijalankan.

Kami decided untuk meneroka Sg Sedim surrounded trails.

Bermula di tempat mandi yand ada resort tu , kami downhill sampei Sedim eco resort. Naik balik & trailing following the all cemented short track before the resort entrance.Then we decided to climb the steep cemented track to nowhere. oh my god. It is almost Kayuh lasak. Second climb. Non stop .. ( but of course 1/20 the distance)..
We were running out of cement & decide to follow the trail nearby.. we thought the trail would lead us back to the picnic area..

Then, the tough journey began.
we :
Crossed the river,saw a landslide area,climbed some more, climbed some more, were waiting for downhill but still climbed ,climbed & climbed. Burger destroyed his shoe, my mind was start singing this song.

Ya Allah, y & Y?

We stopped fix burger's shoe, still motivated to go .We went on until we saw the clock already hit 1305. Hmmm..
we no longer heard sound of the river & the trail was getting steeper & steeper & narrower & narrower. But obviously the were trail marks everywhere. Due to time, we decided to turn back. Maybe the marks were meant for hiking.( I guess so).

Went down, managed to meet all the "historical place we had went through before & finally reached the end of the cemented track. Downhill all the way to the picnic area. & thanks Allah for that. Phew...

Langsung mandi manda di Sedim, hmm habis pacat kerkah oru body. i had three, Din had more. Kenyang those pacat. according to Din, those were wild Heavy Jungle Leech.. Sebab din perasan depa did a comando jump from trees on us.. huh? luckily i just knew it when we were out already.. kalu tidak.. mata aku tak senang duduk nak nengok those highly trained commando leeches..

Habis mandi, makan terus di Nasi aye periuk besar.

Then the scary part came ,
i uploaded the trail & saw something on the map.

y scary?:
1. wew were heading to tip of bannjaran bintang & could be end up to places which are unknown to us like, Mahang, baling or maybe Grik.. hehe. Just imagine... push the bike all the way climbing, rest a bit climb againg.. by time, we were hunger looking for downhill. once at the tip we will go all out down the hill hoping that we will reach the familiar area but end up at Baling...tak ke naya?? huhuhuhu pecah perut aku..
looking at the trail, we were at almost 800m to 1200m level.. ephmmm.. mampuih..

dah le.. air tak ada... makanan pun tak bawak.. any kits what so ever pun tak ada.. heheh
lawak gile.. adventurous bangat..
Klu sesat.. tak ke naya..

Nangis aku ngan din dodok dalam hutan..

But, Alhamdullilah.. Kami selamat
Tergolek aku ngan din gelak lepas tau pasai ni..


Enjoy my fren.

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