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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

what else? write up on the latest event . 2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak

ASsalammualaikum & very good evening to all.

ReCoverY first ever Jamb. completed successfully . No unwanted accident & stuff. Enjoyable weekend & full of memories.The time for recovery to recover is validly in good progress. The ride was more with extra cautious which were required to maintain fun ness,enjoyable ness & safety ness. Hehhe betui ka ayat aku tu?

I'll share with you all best weekend so far for me this year.

Thanks Allah for his bless that i was granted healthy & fit enough to complete the event.
The event was one hell of a event. You have to try to complete to understand what does it mean.
Salute to the organizer for doing a good job.

Great track,rideable for me, fun,torturing to the max,technical ride, & many more good things.

Enjoyed so much & had tremendous good times & experience.

All...... enjoy the write up.

Point point lah..nak ngarang malaih.

1.Arrived in Penang for PHEW. sesat. tak tahu nak masuk kat mana for Youth Park but arrived on time anyway.

2.Met PHEW members..Monsieur Adi ,Monsieur (Botak,wadi & fauzi) from balik pulau geng.Nice people.

3. the hunt started & it as fun n the mood was right. Just to have fun &get to know Penang by going thru all the requirement. been to some of the places before & was surprised to find out more interesting places. Thanks the organizers.

4. I was supposed to check in NAZA hotel but my PHEW colleague mr Adi invited me to join him to one of his fren nearby the park. Hmm Free accomodation, better safety for my bike that night & chances to meet & know new & more frens.. y not..offer was accepted with big heart. ahaha

5. We went to Masjid Negeri for freshen up , prayers & recovered. Then i met the house "owner" mr Man Bank Rakyat.

6. Dinner at Rudy's COrner (Tanjung BUngah) & met My old time skool fren from ipoh & his clan.

7. Later the house was filled with more people. Team from Perlis & my fren orbot.

8. The kayuh lasak started. i put on my camera to catch snippet of the mysteries track. My target was downhill tracks.

9. Delayed start & damn climbing start......n started climbing.. Ya Allah..mampuih.
Played catch with tandope. ( to be in his photo shoot hahha)

10. Enjoyed so much the flat part near the cliff & of course the scary long single track downhill... huuuuuhhhhhuuu, in enjoyed it so much.. had to control & play safe in order not to fall. but i got the right rythm & controlling my nafsu to go faster. my hand yg patah tak fully heal lagi.. tapi memang kena control le... kalu tidak.. lain yg jadi...

11. another peak climbing after 4 check point.?? what?? bila nak habis ni??? Cramped both my leg which mean.... i can no longer kayuh untuk climbing... so 2 gear tolak.. je all the way. only flat & downhill i rode the bike.. heheh

12. got few video snippet of this strange looking female figure. y strange? she was kayuhin all the way ,climbed up & stuff but the clean face still intact. how possible? did she touched up from time to time?? haha.. seriously ... caught me by surprise.. i guess.. at some point, her assistant will come & do the touch up ,, hahah,, sorry gal. Salute... you are strong..

13. Then the downhills... all the way.... with a little mud... i was sliding & sliding & banging my helmet to the fallen trees... haha.. it was fun.. to the max...

14. Done the track by 1500.. met few old frens, new frens, pictures taking & blah...

15. CLeaned up & late lunch At hameed Sup Penang Road. Supposedly want to go to Hameediyah.. but when we saw Hameed..Diyah was kick out from the vocabulary.

16. Dinner & the grand finale..
i was lucky to win 11th place for the lucky draw session. Presented to me A hydraulic Disc brake by QUAD Technology. "DEuce FR". hmm downhill DIsc brake... a very good one... yeaha... cannot afford one but now own one..alhamdullilah..Nak kena cari wheelset baru le pulak... selama ni dok pakai V brake je..

17. Say hi to frens & off to Kulim. Good memories & till we meet again in Taiping Jamb.

Adios ..

Everytrail tracking for PHEW with track & geotagged pics.

Everytrail Tracking for I'm Back with track,geotagged pics & personal elevation & speed record.

I'm back kayuh lasak

Map your trip with EveryTrail
Live video on actual ride.

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_ Im Back Starting

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_Im back Climbing before & after CP1

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_im back cement flat & downhill b4 & after CP2

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_Im back interchange Penang hill & downhill before water point

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_Im back.Downhill after Penang Hill water point.

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_im back fun flat trail with lots of canopies.

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_Im Back fun flat trail with Artiz encounter & gengkayuhbeb in action

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_im back Scary downhill cement single trail with geng kayuhbeb in action

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_im back_2nd climbing with pain.Artis encounter & bla bla

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_Im Back. ROller coaster short ride..

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_Im Back.Ride the lghtning . the slower version

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_im back. Lightning ride .the shorter version

2009 Penang Kayuh Lasak_Im back.Finishin mit "Man & Ezlynn" heheh,, marah bini man nanti

with all that.... report done..


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