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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Banjaran Bintang,Ulu Mahang Camping Trip (30th-31st Oct 2011(


Another trip with largest participants.

Hmm again relaxing, good kampung food & so on.

14 of us all Infineon colleague had gathered & experience the life of orang kampung here in the beautiful scenic campsite. ( Un touched)

Travelling ingredient:
14 normal men/boys
4 well experienced & hardcore orang kampung.( village people)
2 2.5D pick up trucks
4 modified cup cross

Engaged activities:
0730-0815 Gathered at Infineon Parking. ( most participants had work night shift & slowly freshen up & turned up late at the gathering point)
0820-0830 Gathered at Petronas Tmn Mutiara
0830-0845 Breakfast at Restoran in front of Pusat Serenti Karangan,

0930-0945 Gathered at Sg bayor to regrouping with orag kampung & loading ration

0945-1050 The of road uphill journey began. ( tiny hick up here & there. Alhamdullilah managed to overcome the challenges * it was fun for most of us which had never experience of road before even though it was like no grade hehe but oklah utk kitaorang)
1050-1130 unloading to the campsite. established a camp & getting ready to enjoy the place
1200-1300 lunch ( Ikan tengas goreng:early fresh catch, Ayam masak merah, ikan masak merah, Kulat kayu masak lemak.. Ya Allah, this is rare..& ulam ulaman hutan yg rare also

Crazy lunch

1300-1400 Enjoying the waterfall. Some went fishing & some just fighting the coldness of the water

1400-1700 resting ,sleeping, following org kampung menjala ing & so on.
1700-1900  ANother mandi session & a fine dinner. including eraly starter : Ubi kayu rebus with kelapa & kopi o panasa.wowo.
( ikan tengas masak lemak, Kambing gulai batang pisang ( star of the day) & few more good things.
2000-2200 lepaking. relaxing: geng geng main card , jamming session, bulshitting session & so on.
2200-2300 Barbeque ayam & kambing ..ya Allah.. makan lagi &  sebab sedap.. terpaksa makan juge even dah kenyang... hmm how Malaysia is a lucky country & we should be thankful to Allah.

2300-0600 SLeeping & total relaxation our own way,hehe depa ni main terup sampei pagi & sental semua food yang dimasak malam tadi.. kambing batag pisang, ayam & daging barbeque were gone in the morning. dasat dasat

0600-0800 Breakfast with nasi goreng ,mihun goreng & roti canai segera hehehe gilos...

0800-1100 mandying activity & fishing & so on. We hiked to the nearest very high water falls & eanjoyng the view over there. un touched area. totally wild. Ya Allah

1100-1200 getting ready to go home. 1200-1300 lunch with another superb sstuff. Daging masak singgang. Ya Allah.

1300-1400 Journey downhill. & alhamdullilah it went smooth . Good feeling for the newbies.

1400-1430 unloading & final small gathering at Li's small coffee shop & we headed our ownway..

Picture from the participants:

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