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Friday, 11 November 2011

Pre 2011 Kayuh lasak...Registered


Registered.. meaning alhamdullilah will  join the event for the 3rd time insyaAllah...

Thanks to Bike pusher gang  for this..  easing my way in for the registration.

So lads..... whoever joining?? see ya there insyaAllah.... hmmm need to start training to get back my fitness.. need to survive the trail...

Any tips????????

My training will be ...... hehe secret le konon... hampeh.. yg mana sempat teman pi je la...

On my list
1. Gunung Jerai
2. Penang Hill
3. Tokkun
4. Kulim various hills...

& 42 km Penang brdige marathon.. which only left 1 week for me to train...

so let us start... buying running shoes.. hehehe

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