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Saturday, 29 October 2011

2011 October Fest- NON

Assalammualaikum & very good morning to all.

Today is the 29th of the month.

i fell down from my bike earlier this month & it is the beginning of the another recovery mode for me.

Due to that, My planned October fest was evaporated just like that.. Allah's will. Cant do a thing.

1. Planned GA Sarawak trip but withdrawn as wanted to join LIMBC2011.
2. Had to withdrawn LIMBC2011 due to recovery mode.
3, Many more training session in between

Just like that.

Achievement for this month.

1. 22nd:Started simple riding with newcomers from Infineon Clan ( Mail & son) . 10km offroading at my usual training trail.. hmm alhamdullilah.. Fully functional.
2. 26th ( Deepavali off day) Joined Calbaru P clan ( soon to join Recovery hehe ) to Pandai Merdeka onroad trip. Had nice Mee Udang session at Pulau Sayak & excellent Kari kepala ikan at Kota kuala Muda, Penang. ( habih ) ((( RECOMMENDED))

It was nice. & Alhamdullilah that i can ride again. The Left ACJ are recovering fast eventhough my clavicle bumb will not get to the normal position as per the diagnosis in the net & by doctors. The only way to put it back nicely is by operation. hmm no no..  as long as it is not dangerous ... im not going to do that. But, will slowly got for traditional massage for whatever they can do dgn izin Allah.

Due to all of this, I m making a plan with my lazy ass infineon clan to go camping & fishing & loitering again at Banjaran Bintang, Ulu Mahang. This time, im not going to bring my bike. Totally 4x4 offroading & enjoying the nature  : mandi sunga je lah. Will bring my guitar for old folk song session .haha.. need to re-polish the skills & remember all those chords again...

So guys, 14 of us from Infineon together with maybe 4 more org kampung will head to Ulu Mahang Heavy forest to enjoy nature at it best offer. ( My saying le)..

30th-31st  & starting at 0800 until 1400 the next day.  It will be fun insyaAllah.

later next month, biking clan from Alor setar might want to organize another trip.. will see..

see here..for last time photos

N Here the last session report.

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