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Friday, 21 October 2011

Assalammualaikum & very good morning to all.

 It is 0714 in the morning & still tak mandi lagi nak pi kerje..

full day of DNV audit & damn.... minggu depan tak habih habih lagi..

Almost 3 weeks without biking as need to get some rest to fully heal my ACJ grade 3.. huwaa.....

from my view.. can ride already but my Personal Dr  begged to differ. give it a month then.. hmmm.. bosannya asik tgk gambo.... n lagi bosan bila tgk gambo kat langkawi huwaaaaaaaaa

 i was supposed to join but had to withdraw ( hehe macam bagus )  & yesterday was the stage where im looking forward too.. due to that... im very looking forward to february for the ultra endurance somewhere in Perak.. yeaah... insyaALlah.

Had enrolled myself for Kayuh lasak 2011. i guess that will be my post injury maiden ride again.. as in 2009.. kayuh lasak  was my first ride then when i had broke my meta carpal ( right hand). The theme was ( im back)..But this time... " KAW ride" ????? heheh lantok komele..

still cannot check mi namelist ... mana tau.. tak ada nama dldm list... hmm... Pretty sorry to tgk ramei yang ngomel ngomal tak dapat masuk this big event... memang betul pun.. cepat sgt bukak & tutup..heheh.. the registration is ridiculous.. but i remembered during my first kayuh lasak registration.. it was hard to get in.. & i had to register under a team to get noticed. ( insight info from organizer).. then REcovery was then reinvented..  Y??? because i was on recovery mode...  & since then...  the label stuck with me all along........... even at1 point had cause a confusion & sick joke among " frens".. then even it was big thing in my area where colleague used to register rides under Recovery_Kulim /Recovery Malaysia's belt.. &  hahahaha it was fun.. a blog was established by total stranger & many more confusing things went around......That is life  the way i see it.. full of uncertainties & for muslim... hanya mainan dunia..

SInce then i m using this recovery term as i please.. It means a lot to me.. RECOVER....

Hope you lot enjoy the beautiful friday & Start to Recover whichever,whatever,whenever ,however & many more ever & ever things u can do...  DO not wait up longer to recover.. do as when you start thinking it is the time.. fast as u can.. soon as u can... hehh....the soon the better.. So guys...

Let us RECOVER ....  " join me in the recovery mode " heheh


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