Another stop???

Monday, 3 October 2011

yesterday don't mean shoot..


hmmm..weekend meant for training... ending up hurting myself with a minor set back...

Alhamdulllah... nothing serious n insyaAllah ill be back on my bike in a few days time i hope...

yesterday, while DHilling at 2011 BM Jamboree trail,i had underestimated the steep section which then caused my front end  to slipped & twisted .then,,,,,, "big badaboom,"( should be said like milla jovovich in fifth element).
IT was too slippery, the wrong decision was made in a split second caused me a minor ACJ. terkehel tulang selangka at the joint with bahu.. Ya Allah,  
Nasib baik ...small far... yes...n alhamdullillah today, feel much better n positive.

Yesterda,did my xray to confirm all, n doctor just give me a sling , pain killer & ubat surut bengkak... hai.. tak balut ke ape ke? hmm today will meet this tg urut for some tradtional massage.. hopefully can help to subdue the left clavicle elevation a bit....insyaAllah. pray for me guys....

events come n go... sometime... i wonder N start thinking.. that we human.. for muslim sake,, hamba Allah is so fragile n small.  1 small event can take our comfort n turn it into discomfort.. subhanAllah..

Oh Allah, please forgive me, please forgive us N guide us to the right path, let us always be within your vicinity of bless n guidance.

on the left. waiting for x ray process. "wat la i have put myself into hihihi"

my wife said sambil geleng kepala.. " suami aku yg buas, tak reti reti naik basikal" 

To all riders out there.. enjoy  riding & stay safe....the best you can...insyaAllah..


  1. takziah bro, dont stop cranking just a minor set back. injuries is are essence of mtb.hihihi

  2. stay safe bro before big day