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Monday, 11 October 2010

GAS ( Great Adventure Sabah) day 0


Day 0. Packing tak siap lagi.
masa Day -1 baru nak packing after work.
 Geng geng Infineon urged me to bike with them to Bukit Hijau .

So the packing begin at Day-1.
Start packing at 2100
70% done packing at 0400
Major achievement : Had to sew my old army cargo pant .need it for the summit climbing.
I had to reuse whatever I had fro this program to reduce cost as the supply is running low this time around.( after raya)

Then early Day 0:  it was raining & yeah.. i called off my involvement for the Bukit Hijau Ride. But Amin came to my house 1/2 hour later for the ride. hmm.. had no choice but to join them.
The ride started at 0830 from KTC & reached Bukit Hijau by 1045. Reached KTC around 1230.

Mix weather ride & great discovery of the new sedap roti canai stall on the way.

Went for Infineon geng Open house & then final packing the bike.

Grab Kulim's GAS team by 1545 & reached PIA by 1700.
My bike's box  weighted 18 kilos & my baggage was 20 kilos.hahaha

Reached KKIA by 0000 on Day 1.Settled down at Seapark condomotel at Tanjung Aru.
Unpacked & re assembled the bike.
Start to sleep at 0400.

what a day.

Things I reused: ( thought of buying new but with little financial consideration)
1. I almost throw away this Kenda intermediate tires from the bike i trade earlier on.Planned to buy brand new Maxxis end up great to have them on. No cost incurred.
2. Had to search my winter glove I had stored somewhere & end up messing my house to already a mess house . heheeh. Need them for summit climbing.Cheap Kebun glove was in the mind earlier.Again 0 cost.
3.Torn Army cargo pant.( at the secret part). Had to sew to secure the area for summit climbing. The only long pants with me for the trip.It took me 2 hours to do cross stitch (my way le eheheh).Thought of getting new pants but this one work well for those 4 hours session. 0 cost.
4. Used my old almost breakdown sports running shoes ( Asic) for summit climbing.Was reading many reviews to check on the trail & weather condition for the summit. After enough info, decided to sacrifice this shoes there.Yes, after descending from the peak, The shoes was abandoned at Gunting Lagadan shelter.(70% failure ).Yes, reduced my overall weight to travel down.

Things I had to buy:
1. 2nd unit of Iphone external battery. Mophie pack. RM 318. I need this for tracking purposes. extra 2 made coverage possible for the long day activities.
2.Bikers underwear. ( the one with padding). My love towards 3/4 army cargo pants for riding suits with this combination. 2 units costed me RM140. ( One Stop Cycle)
3.Bike rear carrier pouch.RM 50.

to be continued...Day 1

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