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Friday, 13 August 2010

Riadah sebelum menyambut bulan Turun Alquran


Hmm.. spending meaningful with my wife again in East coast.

This Redang Islang.. agaiinnn
 the same resort.. aaaggaiiiinn..

Y the same place?? hahah,, for me it is the best beach, the best sea water. ( a friend describe the colour of the nearby sea is as " blue listerine liquid". clear , blue & mesmerized.

That is it.
just that. even though the Redang Mutiara Management is far from good, the place is just wonderful to be there. aaaggaaaiiin..

With geng from KL.. about 35 of us.. were there.
This time i took the bus ride... so less tiring & a bit scary when experiencing the rough ride with those drivers. ( back & forth). they went aggressive at the corner climbing up banjaran Titiwangsa & down . they drove as they were driving a rally car..  damn...
alhamdullilah nothing happen.

Actually it wasnt that bad. just that i was at the back of the bus.. so i felt a bit off.

Hahah.. fun time with the lad. It was maybe one of the highlight for the year. another one is coming in Oct insyaAllah.. Come GA...

Once we went out from the island, we went shopping at Payang. The team decided to eat some durian. I stayed longer on my own after the main group left me there to KL. Later late afternoon, i found out that KT was hosting a "Pertanian day " near the jetty  or dataran Shahbandar. There was a fruits stall for eat as much as you can local fruits. ( Dokong, Durian , rambutan, manggis & many more.) Each to pay RM 5.00. hahahah what a day.

Enjoy the pic.

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