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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

GAS ( Great Adventure Sabah) Day 1


BY now can you tell who had joined the trip? ( please refer the IC picas)

It was a blend of various age.Not much of a different background overall. But, it took one to understand one really , to understand how's one work. I mean functioning . Ha ha.. so .. that was the challenge...

A group of loonies from PKTR program kids had joined the adventure more a less.
They are now AYTR. hahahahh... Apo ke jadah nya tu?
 I am one of the AYTR members. Since the beginning, I personally invited AYTR to tag along with this GAS trip. Skip the biking part, just join the climbing  sensation. And after several social meeting, & behind the scene planning, it was made real by Allah through TengKu Harith's hardwork & etc.

Ha hA Ha. & it was also a very last minute confirmation from AYTR to join us GASES.
We managed to flow out small amount from sponsors to sponsor out GASES as well as AYTR members.

But what made it special?
From bikers point of view...
1.We planned a simple & budget homestay stay but the first 3/4 nights were awesome.
-Full,partly & out of nowhere sponsored accomodation
-comfy, reasonable price & interesting location . (From joined contact. This proved that partnership is the way to go)
-Unexpected 3/4/5 stars hotel treat by Sabah's CM with personal VIP dinner.( Served dinner for 24 of us. 10 GASES plus 14 AYTR.
- Had great dinner.. 3 days in the row makang Kambing... we need it as to counter the low temperature for Mount Kinabalu session.
- Good company from AYTR( including my wife & stuff.
- & many more.

So let starts the say...
Sing it babeh..

Since AYTR had pump in some facilities, so ,we had to do a little de tour of the original route to Sek Men Sains Sabah for some Kementerian Kesihatan alike program. So, we did an aerobic session with the kids. Earlier on, we were told to lead but once we were there, the kids already had their dancing leaders waiting for us only.

20 mins ride from Seapark Hotel to the school. Guided by GPS, we were just in time.
Warm welcoming gesture by the kids & honestly i did feel really welcome & from there, im counting the days to see what interesting things will come next.. hahaha

A few Ice breaking session & aerobic to Sumazau custom( very interesting), then we had our breakfast there. The hostel atmosphere came back to our mind. Macam ni le makanan asrama.. syahdu nye...10,15,20,30, years back of experiences ( to cater the various ages)

We left the school for the next destination while AYTR had to continue with the kids with some Health Presentation By AYTR Health minister.

Then, yes the riding began. about 50 kilos to Mengkabong fisherman village & final destination was Tamparuli. Riders action was on the way. Macam macam ragam.The support car roll played by our one & only Tommy Page was awesome. We stopped for drinks, toilet, pictures,passengers & bla bla. & the day was getting interesting & more interesting as the time goes by & the kilometers built in. At least me, we  were counting views, Sabahan girls..& what on earth these Sabahan transfering on the road. ( Kuda, lumbu, seladang, & y the road was congested & all the wonders?? & the serious one,,,,,, y cantiknya awek awek sabah ni... heheheh

Finally we  stopped at TAmparuli bridge. Again the day was  getting thicker & thicker with new input & sights. Pictures were taken, with various style & models. Local were approached to have small chat & info seeking.The hanging bridge were climbed & abused. Hands were waved to various locals  who started to notice our geng Utara existence. Smiles were changed & withdrew without prejudice.
& it was time to go & then, we managed to get a storage place to park our bike.Tamparulli 's Police station. Y & y? because we were a guess of Sabah CM & our accmodation for that night was in Tang Dinasty Hotel In KK  where surprisingly our dinner was arranged accordingly. No one know this until we get to KK. I mean the VIP dinner. A special guess room for all 24 guess including AYTR. 2 person per room..... Part 2 to be continued....

Everytrail track link

Interview basikal GASes di lokap

Encik DIN dangerous attemp ( donwhill di Tamparuli bridge)

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