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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

GAS ( Great Adventure Sabah) Day 1 Part II


macamana nak start huh? aku tinggai tang mana write up tu?
hantam sajalah..
habis parking bike at Tamparuli Police station, we were heading back to KK.
We stopped at this MJ restoran for some lunch. Had to do U turn just for the place. No plan.

Wan had nasi ayam. Testi= tak sedap
The rest had nasi goreng isi ikan. Testi = OK
I had Nasi goreng lalap. Testi= dapat paling lambat.Tanya waitress tu.. What is LALAP? her answers was: "lalap is lalap lah.." ngampeh.. Then tak direkomen .. at least kedai ni.

Drinks, most of us dranks the PowerBar Recovery mixture. We ordered a tumbler full of ice & another tumbler with only water. Then we dug in & made our own recipe.Hmm.. kind of nice. ( SPonsored mah.. mahai barang tu hehehe)

In the car, those guys were talkin about the female Kungfu Master..Jett Lin.....
im now lookin for the conversation we had in the car... hmm... where are though??????????
Time has not yet arrive.... if you know what i mean.... hehehe guys will always be guys....

Back to KK & went straight to Tang Dynasty.
Room were reserved & I was given the opportunity to be with MR GA Tommy page.

Dengaq lagu sart from him...

hmmm.. metro metro... har har har

By 1400 hundred, my AYTR geng called me up.. Of course my wife was the one... went down with them for lunch & met the rest of the AYTR who were registered for this program.. hmm. my GASes will drop thei jaw. soon...hehehe

After short lunch & catchin up with those old buddies, ( most of them i knew & had the opportunity to become their Facis on their PKTR days..)

What should we do? Mr TEngkurak popped out the question... Hei Gaya Island. let go to Gayana Resort. After several phone calls.. we then decided to go to the place. It costed us RM 60 each for both way. ( boat transfer only & a visit to their marine preservation center.)

Hmmmm but it was worth it.. nice resort,
got to see funny stuff,
-Rock n roll fish,
-met mr Kiki, Mr Carpet ,Patrick& bla bla.
-able to meet & petting patrick & the geng... h,, what a day & hei.. not bad...
-lovely plae for honeymoon but of course mr XXXXX... expensive...
-i had a recovery swimming. it was goood one after warm up ride..

Then back to the hotel for dinner.

0830 all gathered in the small hall
10 GASes + 13 AYTR

GASes already realized.... jeng jeng jeng & dah tak duduk senyap hehehe

We had nice dinner ,
Roasted lamb ,Salmon curry & those regular stuff in the served dinner.

Then we had a little ice breaking session with AYTR. Everybody must introduced themselves briefly. Then, it started with all the jokes & laugh & any sort hahahah.
It was so much fun n the relationship web started from there.

BY 2300 most of us had gone to their respective room & cool off. I got another surprise. Extra room gave by the CM. Which mean, i got to stay with my wife for a night . HAr har HaR....

1. Yeah , please go to Tamparulli. Nothing special but the scene of the bridge was interesting. It ll get more interesting if locals walk by . We were there at 1200++ & most locals just came back from church nearby  & had to cross the river to the main side of the town. So, we met them at the bridge & yes... There were many interesting people .. hehhe
 2. Mengkabong , Firsherman village
Another interesting place with unic view.
a village near a muara. houses with sort of swarm surrounding. ( 1 part) . The other part, floating house by the water , & also like government house / Sabah state project house nearby. But, nothing much to see & we could not get to the floating one as it need boat transfer  & stuff.
3.Jesselton point water front/jetty
 We were there around 4 o clock & yes the place was crowded with people of all sort & races. Rasa macam kat Europe masa summer. human traffic with holiday mood. ( beach style) the sunlight was just nice to trigger my mind of the places. Many shops around for foods, souvenir & bla bla. The walk thru to the jetty really will excites you & make you smile.
4. Gayana Resort, Pulau Gaya
Costed us RM 60 but hei.. worth to go & visit their Marine life  center. Small exhibition center there but you will experience many new things. The open aquarium of Starfish kinds, sea cucumber & more.... you can pet them & hold them.Really something out of my mind to be able to hold strange starfish & carpet sea cucumber. Giant sea shell is another thing & the famous rock fish. rock on n camouflage.
5. Travel by taxi.
Have to state clearly to the taxi driver. We ask for Jesselton point. & the taxi took us to Center point.
Clearly & said to him more than once. But dont know what happen...
6. There are shopping complex in the same building with Tang DYnasty hotel. We were having lunch there at level 3 i guess. Several stall served some nice rumpai laut & my wife & like it. It looked like an agar agar. Very nice.

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